Undergraduate Supervision

Year/ Semester: 2020/2021 -2 and 2021/2022 -1:

1. Nur Syawani binti Hamdan (Completed)

Augmented Reality App for Chemistry Education

2. Tamilarasi A/P Subrumaniam (Completed)

3D user manual for printer configuration based on Handheld Augmented Reality

3. Julia binti Jasmin (Completed)

VR Pac Maze


Year/ Semester: 2020/2021 -2 and 2021/2022 -2:

1. Mazlina binti Jumat (Completed)

Augmented Reality Application for Solar System Learning

2. Jasmin Farena binti Muhammad Kamarul (Completed)

Augmented Reality Application for Simple Car Services Reality

3. Nur Syahzanani Binti Zubir (Completed)

3D Fruits with Nutrition for Kids in Handheld Augmented Reality Application


Year/ Semester: 2021/2022 -2 and 2022/2023 -2:

1. Chong Li Ling (Ongoing)

Augmented Reality (AR) for Indoor Decoration

2. Lee Hui Zhong (Ongoing)

AR Clothing Try-on Application

3. NurSyafiqah Binti Abdul Halim (Ongoing)

Augmented Reality Apps for Preschool children to learn syllables in Bahasa Melayu

4. Clive Lai Yi Cheng (Ongoing)

Interactive AR mobile educational game on History of James Brooke in Sarawak

5. Siti Fatimah Az Zahra Binti Mohd Nizam (Ongoing)

E-Voting Blockchain based System

6. Simon Chong Kai Yuen (Ongoing) – as co-supervisor