STEM is stand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Its become as national issue now days. Everybody are talking about STEM. In general, STEM aims on how to prepare the students with skills to meet the science and technology challenges. So that, in 2025 Malaysia have sufficient number of qualified STEM graduates.

Date: 22 May 2017

Time: 10am

Venue: Bilik Mesyuarat 1, MBJBT

We in Fakulti Sains (FS), UTM are committed to be a part of STEM project in Gelang Patah (GP). Therefore, we, i.e. Jabatan Sains Matematik (JSM) in FS are prefer to collaborate with STEM teachers within GP area to ‘memperkasakan’ the STEM knowledge among students since in primary school.

So, this morning, we had propose our few mathematics programme in front of STEM teachers from schools around here.

We had nice discussions on how to get an interest on STEM, i.e. mathematics for about one and half hour.

Representative from JSM, FS UTM:

Dr.Syarifah Suhaila, Tn.Hj.Hamisan Rahmat, Dr.Sharifah Zyurina Nordin, Dr Fuaada and me, myself.