Numerical Methods: Introduction

Analytical methods are typically only solvable in cases of “simple” models. Numerical methods, in contrast, provide ways to manipulate complex math problems so that they may be solved by simple processes. These methods allow for imperfect and complex models to be approximated, usually with great accuracy.  Numerical methods can account for more variables and dimensions than would be solvable when using analytical methods.

Note that the numerical solution is an approximation.  In most cases it will be close enough, which is fine for most engineering problems.  Typically mathematicians have more time and funding to find an analytical solution, but the demands of business usually necessitates an approximate solution for engineers working in industry.




  1. http://FAEZATUL%20HANANI%20BINTI%20MD%20JOHAN says

    Assalammualaikum.I’m never expect that math always have method to make the complicated calculation to the simplest way.There is clearly that we have 2 methods to solve mathematic problem which are analytical and numerical method.Hopefully I will fall in love with this course.

    • http://farhanajohar says


      Yes. Numerical method is one way to make the complicated calculation becomes possible to be solved.

  2. Assalamualaikum and hello Dr.
    I’m Inamul form section 15…
    I’m still new in this subject so what I really can say is that mathematics is something that is logic…
    This is the way i think about mathematics

  3. http://farhanajohar says

    well done. 🙂

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