Berbengkel lagi…

Bersambung lagi bengkel media social and blog. Kali ini penceramah Dr Noordayana shows us on how to use WordPress from our mobile phone.

The sharing session yang sangat bermanafaat and sangat membantu dalam teaching and learning masa kini.


Kursus Web 2.0 For T&L: SOCIAL MEDIA & BLOG

Tarikh: 15 May 2017

Time   : 9.00-4.30pm

Venue : Bilik Bengkel CTL

Web 2.0 technologies bring the web to a new phase, which allows users not only to use information but also to be directly involved in generating new information. Social Media as one of the Web 2.0 tools allow social interaction and easy creation of content by users. It can be an effective tool for teaching and learning in higher education. It can help connect students to information and help them generate a dialogue with their teacher and other students about a course. Blog is another Web 2.0 facilities which is easy to create and offers variety of interactive facilities. It could give positive impact towards student’s development. This course revealed to academic staff on how to utilize social media and learning and Blog for teaching and learning effectively.