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My students profile 2020/2021/II


SSCP 4483 –

Semiconductor Devices

This course is designed to focus on the basic material requirement and physical concepts, properties, fabrication process, basic building blocks, operating principle and characteristics of the semiconductor devices. It started with the discussion on the physical concepts, materials and properties of the semiconductors. The fabrication process such as crystal growth, doping process, lithography, deposition, etching, metallization and contact materials of the semiconductor will be covered. The characteristics of p-n junction, Schottky contact/diode and metalsemiconductor (m-s) junction also will be discussed in details. This will be followed by the material requirement, basic building block and operating principle of the selected devices. Finally, the introduction to micro-nano materials, electronics and devices will be given toward the end of the lectures.

SSCP 4203 –

Medical Radiation Protection

This course will give an overview on the various techniques and radiation doses involved in diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. It will also touch on the current trends in use of diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. The relevant laws, regulations and procedures that need to be observed and be implemented for radiological protection in medical practice will be elaborated. At the end of the course, students should have an overall grasp on the operation of the medical radiological protection.

FEI 4302 –

Optics and Laser Technology

(Universiti Malaysia Terengganu)

This course deals with the phenomenon of optics, photonics and laser technology. Topics include interference, diffractions, polarizations and coherent and non-coherent sources. Laser resonator, semiconductor lasers, solid-state lasers, helium neon, helium cadmium, and ion lasers. Carbon dioxide and other vibrational lasers. Excimer lasers, tunable and ultrafast lasers will also be discussed.

FEI 4107 –

Atomic Physics

(Universiti MalaysiaTerengganu)

This course deals with atomic phenomena using quantum mechanical framework. Topics include solutions to Schroedinger equations, wave function for hydrogen atom, angular momentum and magnetic effects, spectrum for one electron atom and multiple electron atom, statistics of identical atoms and particles, molecule and bonding energy and spectrum of rotating, vibrating and electronic molecular state.