Postgraduate Students

PhD’s Students:

Year Name Status Title Roles of Supervision
2014 Hamizah binti Rashid Doktor Falsafah (On-going) Mathematical Modeling of The Cell Cycle Regulation Following Ionizing Radiation Main Supervisor

Master’s Students:

Year Name Status Title Roles of Supervision
2016 Muhamad Hanis bin Mohd Nasir Sarjana Falsafah (On-going) Modelling and Parameter Fitting on Effects of Ionizing Radiation towards Bystander Cells Main Supervisor
2016 Somiah Merezeeq A Alsolami Sarjana Sains Sylvester and Companion Matrix of Polynomials in the Hermite basis nbsp Co-Supervisor
2015 Aufa A’qilah binti Abd Hamid Sarjana Sains (Graduated) The study of the Dynamics of HFMD using SIR SLIR and SLIQR model Main Supervisor
2015 Mohamad Hidayad bin Ahmad Kamal Sarjana Sains
Parameter Estimation of A Mechanistic Model of High Dose Irradiation Damage by using Nelder-Mead Simplex Method and Genetic Algorithm. Main Supervisor