Healthcare Informatics Class during MCO

I had my 2nd class with the HI group last Saturday. It was my third class during the MCO. Like usual, I have made some preparation before the class, which include adding new materials to the slides, outlined the plan, sourced some articles and scheduled for the...

Engaging classroom

  At IBS, we offer engaging learning experience through case study discussions, simulation and the use of other technologies including social media. Classes are often conducted during the weekend, long hours with 2-3 short breaks in  between. The class combines...’s the reason why we need to blog

I was a bit apprehensive when I was told that I have a blog in IBS website. Infact, not just me. All academicians and maybe some admin staff have their own site, and one of the page is a blog page. Okay, before I make some of you confuse with the jargon..let me...

Someone who is vibrant and versatile.  She is multitalented, a dedicated team player and a good manager. Her academic qualification and working experience is a bonus to her team. She have strong passion in research and training. Her expertise lies in information systems management and digital media. 


Phd in Computer Science (Human Computer Interaction)

MSc in IT and Data Communication

Bachelor in Management Information Systems

Certified Professional Marketeer (CPM) Asia

ERP Project Manager. Web Designer. Social Media Specialist