Fermentation Technology

The course will emphasize on fermentation technology and bioreactor design for microbial,
plant and animal cell cultures. The student will be exposed to the economics of fermentation
technology, strain development and improvement, development of cost-effective medium for
large scale fermentation. The physiology of microbial growth and product formation in batch,
continuous and fed-batch cultures will be explained. The students will have knowledge on the
differences between batch and continuous sterilization process. The kinetic of air sterilization
and theory of fibrous filter will be explained. The fluid rheology and the bioreactor design for
free and immobilised cell culture will be included in this course. The relationship between
KLa and scaling up process will be explained.


After finishing my master degree, I was offered a scholarship to continue my PhD in one of the best universities in the world. That university was University College London  or well known as UCL in the United Kingdom. My PhD research was in the area of Biochemical Engineering specializes in miniature bioreactors, animal cell technology and scale up/down the fermentation process.  These are some of the memories and pictures from the lab that I work on my research at UCL.



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