Completed Projects


  1. Intangible Model of Uncertainty in Property Valuation. Budget Approved: RM50,000 (Tier1 RU Grant – Vot 11H00). Project Duration: 2015 May – 2017 January.
  2. The Development of Property Management Index (PMI) for Effective Service Delivery in Stratified Residential Property. Budget Approved: RM174,000 (NAPREC Research Grant – Vot 4B137). Project Duration: 2013 December – 2015 November.
  3. Spatiotemporal Modelling of Real Estate Prices. Budget Approved: RM47,000 (FRGS – Vot 3F382). Project Duration: 2011 January – 2012 December.
  4. Stochastic Life Cycle Cost Model For Cost Effectiveness In Managing Public Assets And Facilities. Budget Approved: RM147,000 (Tier 1 RU Grant – Vot 01H36). Project Duration: 2011 April – 2013 October.
  5. Modelling Real Estate Allocation Decision for Malaysian Real Estate Investment Trust (M-REIT). Budget Approved: RM25,000 (FRGS – Vot 3F382). Project Duration:  2009 August – 2011 November.
  6. Framework for the Investment Fundamentals of Waqf Fund: Legal and Economic Perspective. Budget Approved: RM15,000 (FRGS – Vot 78068). Project Duration: 2006 December – 2009 March.
  7. Developing an Optimal Asset Allocation Model: The Impacts of Portfolio Performance Determinants of Public-Listed Real Estate Companies (PLREC) in Malaysia. Budget Approved: RM128,000 (IRPA – Vot 74142). Project Duration: 2003 January – 2005 June.
  8. Developing an Optimal Supply Model (OSM) of Commercial Property in Housing Scheme. Budget Approved: RM15,000 (RMC – Vot 71932). Project Duration: 2003 January – 2005 June.
  9. Determination of Fair Rental Value of Higher Learning Institution (HLI) Properties: A Case Study of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Budget Approved: RM13,210 (RMC – Vot 73042). Project Duration: 2003 April – 2003 December.


  1. Potential Energy Saving Model for Sustainable Campus. Budget Approved: RM40,000 (RUG). Project Duration: 2014 April – 2015 March.
  2. An Integration Framework of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Facilities Management for Healthcare Services. Budget Approved: RM76,700 (FRGS). Project Duration: 2014 December – 2016 November.
  3. Development of UTM Iconic Building. Budget Approved: RM200,000 (Top Down UTM Research Grant). Project Duration: 2012 February – 2013 January.
  4. Ownership Structure of Listed Corporate Real Estate Companies and the Shareholder Wealth Effect of Real Estate Acquisitions. Budget Approved: RM35,000 (RUG of UTM). Project Duration: December 2012 – June 2014.
  5. Developing Sustainability Framework for Retrofitting Commercial Office Buildings in Malaysia Through Post Occupancy Evaluation Approach. Budget Approved: RM40,000 (RUG of UTM). Project Duration: 2012 April – 2014 September.
  6. Modeling Thin Real Estate Market Characteristics for Mass Appraisal Valuation. Budget Approved: RM40,000 (Tier 2 RU Grant). Project Duration: 2011 April – 2012 July.
  7. Innovative Assets and Facilities Management Method. Budget Approved: RM186,800 (RUG of UTM). Project Duration: 2011 August – 2014 July).
  8. Real Estate Investment Trust Risk and return. Budget Approved: RM30,000 (Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)). Project Duration: 2009 June – 2009 June.
  9. Bubble to Burst: Malaysia Property Market.  Budget Approved: RM30,000 (PNB). Project Duration: 2009 Jan – 2009 December.
  10. Space Utilisation at UTM.  Budget Approved: RM129,000 (Institutional Grant). Project Duration: 2009 Jan – 2009 December.
  11. Facilities Performance Indicators for Government Asset and Facililites. Budget Approved: RM30,000 (FRGS). Project Duration: 2006 December – 2009 March.
  12. The Viability of Establishing Waqf Bank in Malaysia. Budget Approved: RM15,000 (FRGS – Vot 78067). Project Duration: 2006 December – 2009 march.
  13. Theoretical Framework of Spatial Statistical Models for Analysing Urban Housing Development. Budget Approved: RM21,000  (FRGS – Vot 78066). Project Duration: 2006 December – 2009 June.
  14. Examination of Spatial Autocorrelation in Malaysia House Price Hedonic Models. Budget Approved: RM22,000 (FRGS – Vot 78065). Project Duration: 2006 December – 2009 March).
  15. Listed Property Trusts in Malaysia: Analysis on Performance and Structure.  Budget Approved: RM20,000 (RMC – Vot 75140). Project Duration: 2005 Jan – 2005 December.
  16. Developing an Intelligent Property Market Model for Assessing Property Markets. Budget Approved: RM141,000 (IRPA – Vot 74233). Project Duration: 2004 January – 2006 December).
  17. Information Systems and Models for the Analysis, Management and Use Planning of Waqf Properties. Budget Approved: RM167,680 (IRPA – Vot 74155). Project Duration: 2003 January – 2005 June.
  18. Valuation of Private Railway for Rating Purpose. Budget Approved: RM17,000 (RMC – Vot 71946). Project Duration: 2003.
  19. Development of Computer-Assisted Mass-Appraisal for Rating Valuation for Majlis Daerah Segamat. Budget Approved: RM660,000 (Research Contract – Vot 68856). Project Duration: 2001 October – 2003.
  20. The Impact of Portfolio Strategy on the Property ‘Style’ Performance of UK Property Companies. PhD Research at University of Salford / Sponsored by UTM. Research Duration: 1997 – 2001.
  21. The Implication of Applying WACC as a Discount Rate in Property Valuation Using the DCF Technique. Master program at Universiy of Portsmouth/ Sponsored  by UTM. Research Duration: 1996 – 1997.
  22. The Methodology of Plant and Machinery Valuation. (UPP – Vot 61830). Project Duration: 1996 – 1997.