Idiana Hamidi

UTM Social Media & Web Content Coordinator

As the UTM Social Media & Web Content Coordinator, I’m like “represent the spirit” of the university, and be it’s number one advocate.

From the start of my job as IT Officer at the Office of Corporate Affairs in 2002, I was assgined to understand the structure of UTM and I have to present it to the public through development of websites, from the main website of UTM, to the faculties, divisions, units, associations, clubs until the conferences website.

In 2011, I created a Facebook page for UTM and became the admin of the page until now. Then Twitter and Instagrams came in.  My routine tasks were to handle the daily design, operations, and strategy for social media channel other than UTM websites.  

“A career as a social media manager was unheard of ten years ago but this is my role now, even though my job title is the IT Officer.”

  • Social Media Management
  • Web Management
  • Multimedia 
  • Digital Branding


Sharing pengalaman sikit 🙂

My Japan Trip

If you are offered a free trip to Japan, what will you feel?  Happy and excited right? That is exactly how I felt when I was invited to participate in the JENESYS 2018 Japan exchange programme. This programme was fully sponsored by the Japanese Government. , 

It was in September 2018, from my previous Tp, Pn Izan Salleh, I was told that UTM International office was finding a candidate to be given a chance to visit Japan, and the candidate must be a UTM officer age below 35 and fluent in handling social media, She asked me whether I am interested 😉


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