Work experience

1. Postdoctoral Position: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, from 1 November 2019- 1 May 2020. As a postdoc candidate, my responsibilities are publishing two Q1 or Q2 articles; assisting with lectures; and creating links between UTM and other universities.

2. Azad University- South of Tehran Branch: As a lecturer from Semester II/Academic Year 2016-2017. Courses taught include: Advanced Reading Comprehension, Linguistics, Research Methodology, Teaching Methodology, Listening and Speaking in English, Advanced Writing, etc. Address: Shokooh Alley, Darvazeh Dolat, Enghelab Ave., Tehran, Iran. Tel.: 021-88830825.

3. Simaye Sajedin Institute: as the Junior Executive coordinating various educational activities including instructors’ evaluation, supervising teaching activities, syllabus designing and lesson planning, as well as holding TTC (Teacher Training Courses and Workshops) since May 15, 2018. Address: 14 Bazargan St., Mohsen Azadi St., North Sabalan Ave., Tehran, Iran. Tel.: 021-88419555

4. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia-Faculty of Education: From January 10, 2011 until April 8, 2011; as a teaching assistant. Responsibilities included assisting the faculty in conducting tutorials, laboratory work, studio, demonstration, field work for undergraduate students, preparing teaching materials for undergraduate students, and so on.

5. Iran Language Institute (ILI), affiliated to the Organization for the Intellectual Development of Young Adults and Children: as a Full time English instructor, from April 3, 2005, until May 2008; and again after my return to Iran since September 2016. Address: Sohrevardi Branch, Tehran, Iran. Tel: 218884 4407