Diagram on a Study of Bird Habitat and Behavior

The figure shows a review of literature of Linda’s PhD study on major park as urban habitat for bird species in a case study of Putrajaya. Linda Aziz reviewed more than 300 materials on bird habitat and behavior from seven disciplines: Biological Conservation, Ornithology, Avian Biology, Urban Ecosystem, Zoological Research, Ecology and Ecological Application, and Landscape and Urban Planning. Through this review, she recognized the known knowledge on birds. Her research on birds in Putrajaya will extend the boundary of knowledge on bird habitat and behavior in urban greenery that is revealing the unknown. This is the contribution of her study.
Literature Review on Bird Habitat and Behavior Linda Aziz 2016

Ismail Said is a professor at Department of Landscape Architecture. He has already retired from the university. He will come back to university as contract academics in April 2019. I can be reached at ismailbinsaid@gmail.com.

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