Assalammualaikum and a good day to all of you visitors out there. I’m back again with another blog posting to share with you regarding my experience as a staff in UTM. Since the month of Syawal has ended, the happiness and sadness we have joyed together will become a memory for years to come. Let’s hope and pray that we will see Syawal again next year. In Sha Allah. As usual, we prepared everything from the beginning just to make sure the event goes smoothly as planned. Please refer to this link for the previous year (2018) celebration – and also this one – It seems that we have so much LIKE the living space of our office for the second time this year. The only drawback in such a setting for supporting staff like me and my buddies was to pick up desk’s that we borrowed from the second-floor office and brought them down to our office. Then again we pick up the desk’s and send them back to its office once the event has finished.    OMG, I hope and I wish for next year Hari Raya celebration won’t be the same as this year. Not all of us can carry the load with our current health condition. Stay simple, stay humble..
Tahlil and Yasin first followed by Marhaban and then proceed with the celebration.
Those were dishes that we ordered from catering and also potluck from our generous colleagues.
Some of the photos from our office mate.
To make our celebration even lively, we also threw a birthday party for those born from January till June. Apart from that, we also have a cake cutting ceremony and Tupperware as a present. This has been a tradition in our office where we celebrate birthday twice a year. That’s how we manage to cut down the cost of birthday ceremony. On the other hand, our office Director also invited the Vice-Chancellor of UTM, Prof. Datuk Ir. Dr. Wahid bin Omar to our event. But I have going back to my office when they arrived. Now, let’s talk about food. Well, the food I enjoyed most at the event was kuih bingka who brought by a colleague of mine. The taste was exceptionally delicious and makes you want to have more. And yes! I did take another bite of that kuih bingka! Marvelous! The lemang were also delicious and mouth-watering too since they bought from a famous lemang stall near Kempas.. But since most of Hari Raya dishes contain so many fats, I have to stop eating no matter how hungry I was at that time. The only downside for me was the satay because the taste was a bit off when you chewed until the end. My friend told me the same thing. So I’m not alone in this thing. Since we have to bring our own plates and spoons, so I’m asking Mr. Nizam who cooked the sambal jawa by himself whether it’s ok for me to tapau his dish? Never they say NO to your request,   this is like an appreciation of oneself who have done such a great job at the kitchen and you know when your colleague has asked you personally about your dish, so you let them tapau and bring back home for dinner. OMG, his sambal jawa were also delicious! I suspect that his mother behind all the reasons that the taste was a real home made cookin’.   Correct me if I’m wrong bud! Hehe..see you guys in my next posting kay!
Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger