Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you wonderful people out there. I’m back again with a fresh new post after so much effort have been pour in on NALI’s event last week. It was a program organised by my office for the second time since last year. And Alhamdulillah..the event was a success and it’s time to lead back my life to a normal daily routine at the office as a Producer. per usual when talking about NALI’s event and exhibition, our production team will have it’s own task to execute before the event. And one of them was developing an opening and closing montage of NALI. So I was being tasked to develop the closing montage and to my knowledge, the content of the montage itself was a collection of photos during the event and I will have to stay back at the office to do this job! OMG! But thankfully during the last meeting with our Boss, she has a different plan! Because the event held in September 18, she propose to make a video clip of Keranamu Malaysia in conjunction with Hari Malaysia on 16th of September. What a brilliant idea! But what I proposed during the meeting was to use the video clip made by Office of Corporate Affairs on Jalur Gemilang video clip which has already posted on Facebook and it just a matter to ask them for permission to use it on our event. But hey, my Boss always came up with a brilliant idea and because of this, I don’t have to trouble myself with After Effects Composition. The only thing tiresome with this kind of effort was in the production phase where we have to shoot the video clip with all the¬†committee members of NALI, some friends from the admin office with certain part of the lyric and our own production team in the green screen studio. Thank you for all your co-operation in making this video a success!

Thank you very much UTMLead for appointing another task for us with the video clip though I really want to sing with you guys, but it seems my role as Editor for the project makes me just another guy behind the scene. So enjoy the video.