Using Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder

Hello guys. I’m back again with another post regarding live streaming with a single video camera by using Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder. To know more about the product click on the link given. So why do we use Blackmagic product that requires a Thunderbolt 2 cable instead of AJA U-Tap USB 3.1? Now that is a good question. The thing is we bought a bunch of Blackmagic products for live streaming application. We have ATEM TVS HD for MCP live streaming, Web Presenter that will stream video from ATEM TVS HD and converts it to 720p through OBS, Hyperdeck Studio Mini to record the video with 2 pieces of SD card and Ultrastudio Mini Recorder for single cam live streaming or record footage directly to a laptop for editing.

So one of the advantage of having Ultrastudio Mini Recorder on our gadget store is you can use this product to stream live video using a single camera. Though the term single camera might be directly easy to execute, but it’s quite important to have another crew in the field before the event started. Because you might want to check the internet connection line is in good condition, launching OBS software and tweak a few configuration, connect Thunderbolt cable from Ultrastudio to Macbook, connect a SDI/HDMI cable from camera to Ultrastudio, setting up the camera with a tripod and manually adjust the color balance of the camera. Another thing in mind is that once you have hook up all the gadget it’s time to copy and paste the stream key from Facebook to OBS, that is if you use Facebook for live streaming application.

So now we have hook up all of our gadget and it’s time to stream live from OBS to social media. But wait! Do we need to worry about another thing? You see setting up all those gadgets are pretty straight forward from device A to device B, but in case if a person talks in front of a large audience it is best to use a lavalier wireless mic that hooked up to the camera mic input. So the sound capture from the mic produce much better detail than the onboard camera mic. 

I hope that helps. See you guys again.

Jeffri Rahman