Postgraduate courses


Advanced Construction Materials – Geosynthetic

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P1 – Introduction, major functions and types of geosynthetics

P2 – Physical and mechanical properties of geosynthetics

P3 – Utilization of geosynthetics in unpaved road and retaining wall

P4 – Permeability, permittivity and transmissivity of geosynthetics

P5 – Geosynthetics strips as vertical drains

P6 – Designing retaining structure with geosynthetics as reinforcement

Environmental Geotechnics

P1 – Introduction, regulations and legislations on landfill

P2 – Criteria for landfill site assessment and selection

P3 – Components of landfill system and landfilling process

P4 – Type of liners and compacted soil liners

P5 – Soil-bentonite liners, geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, vertical barrier wall

P6 – Leakage and efficiency of liners, leachate collection system, anchor trench, tension in geomembranes

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