PhD students

Yamusa Bello Yamusa (graduated 2019) – Main Supervisor (Compacted laterite soil as landfill liner)
Mehrdad Kholghifard (graduated 2015) – Main Supervisor (Collapse/Swell Potential of Residual Laterite Soil due to Wetting and Drying Cycles )
Ali Dehghanbanadaki (graduated 2013) – Main Supervisor (Stabilization of soft soil by deep mixed soil columns)
Ali Arefnia (graduated 2017) – Co-supervisor (Kaolin-shredded tire as backfill material for retaining wall)
Oleyeke Raifu Brown (graduated 2014) – Co-supervisor (Palm Oil Fuel Ash as Composite Sorbent in Kaolin Clay Landfill Liner System)
Ngien Su Kong (graduated 2012) – Co-supervisor (Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Migration in Dual-Porosity Soil)
Mu’azu Abdullahi (graduated 2012) – Co-supervisor (Bioengineering Assessment on Sloppy Ground)
Norazlin Baharudin (on-going) – Co-supervisor
Mohd Fadhli A Rashid (on-going) – Co-supervisor (Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Migration in vibrated and non-vibrated Dual-Porosity Soil)
AbuBakar Sadiq Muhamed (on-going) – Co-supervisor (MICP to stabilize sandy soil)
Samaila Salleh (on-going) – Co-supervisor (Polyurethane to stabilize marine clay)