Research Grant

2019       Characterization of Marine Clay Stabilized by Modified Polyurethane under Static and Dynamic Loading with Microstructural Verification (Head) UTM Fundamental Research Grant Vot # Q.J130000.2551.21H42 RM60,000.00

2019       Mechanism of Kaolin Stabilization by Utilizing Sustainable Material for Carbonation Reduction (researcher) Research University Grant Vot #  RM77,000.00

2018       Bio-Mediated Soil Improvement in the Mitigation of Liquefiable Sandy Soil (Head) University Research Grant (GUP Tier 1) Vot # Q.J130000.2522.20H21 RM50,000.00

2010 Development of modified oedometer to establish SWCC (Head) (Research University Grant Vot # RMC Q.J130000.7122.01J25 RM40,000.00)

2008 Full-Scale Test of trial Embankment on Bamboo-Geotextile Composite Reinforced Soft Clay (Researcher) (e-Science Vot #79155)

2008 Engineering Characteristics of Coal Ash in Malaysia (Researcher), (Vot #78220)

2007 – 2009 Migration Characteristics of Heavy Metal Contaminants through Peat Soil (Head), RMC Vot # 78008 (RM30,000.00)

2004 – 2005 An Evaluation on Fundamental Engineering Properties of Fluid-Modified Clayey Soils (Head), RMC Vot # 75105 (RM38,500.00)

2001 – 2004 Development of Rapid Consolidation Equipment for Soft Cohesive Soils (Researcher), IRPA Vot # 74110 (RM170,000.00))

1999 – 2003 Development of Stabilisation Techniques for Contaminated Soils (Researcher). IRPA Vot # 72277 (RM135,850.00)

1997 – 1998 Improvement of Soft Saturated Clay Using Electrokinetic Dewatering and Hardening (Head), RMC Vot # 71375 (RM12,000.00)

A Member of Group 8 “Geotechnical and Ecological Environment Management”, JSPS-VCC Environmental Science, Engineering and Ethic.