Graduated students

  1. Master student: Muhammad Farhan Bin Md Ayub-2023
    (Title: Effect of coughing on the particle distribution in an elevator)
  2. Master student: Nik Noor Adila Raja Seman-2023
    (Title: The effect of ventilation strategy in reducing the dispersion of sneezing particles in office environment)
  3. Master student: Ho Xin You-2023
    (Title: Study of fresh air supply vent on indoor air pollutant concentration and energy consumption in an enclosed space & nbsp)
  4. Master student: Stanferd Jenta Anak Sanada-2023
  5. Master student: Nur Ilyas Bin Idris – 2021
    (Title: Reduction of heat stress on engineers in engine room’s patrol vessel ship by using simulation)
  6. Bachelor student: Saiful Fahmi Azreen Bin Azmi
    (Title: Effect of ventilation layout on human’s thermal comfort in an engine room of patrol vessel’s ship)
  7. Bachelor student: Nur Izzah Inarah Binti Sahidan-2022
    (Title: Effect of sneezing and coughing on the particle dispersion in an office environment)
  8. Bachelor student: Norfazira Binti Abdullah-2022
    (Title: Effect of social distancing on the risk of getting airborne virus infection at patient waiting zone)
  9. Bachelor student: Muhammad Nur Faiz Bin Nur Farzli-2022
  10. Bachelor student: Shafinaz Suhaila Binti Sabari-2022
    (Title: Effect of human’s movement on particle dispersion inside a university bus cabin)
  11. Bachelor student: Nur Dayana Binti Ismail-2022
    (Title: Medical staff’s movement effects on particle dispersion at hospital’s emergency department walkway)
  12. Bachelor student: Hii Sieng Hong -2021
    (Title: Effects of mobile air supply unit on particle distribution in an operating room)
  13. Bachelor student: Muhammad Irsyad Bin Mohd Muyiddin -2021
    (Title: Effects of horizontal air supply diffuser on particle distribution in an operating room)
  14. Bachelor student: Lim Zhi Wen -2021
    (Title: Effects of human movement on airflow and particle movements in a patient ward)
  15. Bachelor student: Wong Kah Chun -2021
    (Title: One-dimensional engine simulation at part-load operating condition)
  16. Bachelor student: Syauqi Asraf Bin Zuhairi -2021
    (Title: Effects of various ceiling mounted air supply diffusers on particle settlement on a patient)