On-going research

PhD Students

  1. Kek Hong Yee
    (Title: Human’s sneezing and coughing effects on the dispersion of particles in an indoor environment)
  2. Ihab Hatif
    (Title: Minimizing the personal exposure to the expiratory droplet nuclei in an office environment through a suitable ventilation system)
  3. Zaraaallah Mohammad R. Zaraaallah
    (Title: Thermal comfort investigation in UTHM library and the influence of clothing on adaptive thermal comfort: a study of the thermal comfort of office workers in hot climate in Johor Bahru, Malaysia)
  4. Alfellag Mohanad Abdulazez Abdulrahem
  5. Chee Wan Choy
    (Title: Optimization of biomass resources for conversion of biomass to bioenergy)

Master Students

  1. Syahmi Bazlsyam Bin Mohd Saupi
  2. Siti Amirah Binti Shaiful Bahri

Bachelor Students

  1. Saiful Fahmi Azreen Bin Azmi
    (Title: TBA)
  2. Mohd Huzaini Bin Mohd Zamri
    (Title: TBA)