2018- Present (Speaker of the workshops below)

  • Colloquiums of Postgraduate Students- Responsibilities of Research Conduct
  • Colloquiums of Postgraduate Students- Viva-Vorce Experience
  • Colloquiums of Postgraduate Students- Research Attachment Experience in Thailand
  • Sharing Session- The Intellectual and Emotional Management of Postgraduate Candidate
  • Sharing Session- How to Manage Postgraduate Study
  • Workshop- A Sharing Session on TES DCP 1
  • Workshop- A Sharing Session on TES DCP 2
  • Workshop- Blended Learning @eLearning Workshop 1
  • Workshop- Blended Learning @eLearning Workshop 2
  • Workshop- Designing Online Test in UTM e-learning Platform
  • Workshop- Online Teaching & Learning Clinic 1
  • Workshop- How to Communicate with Your Supervisory Effectively
  • Workshop- How to Prepare a Research Proposal when Applying for PhD
  • OWL : FSSH Talk Show Series – OMG Online Learning!!