PhD students

Postgraduate Supervision

Doctor of Philosophy Candidate

  1. Wallace Imoudu Enegbuma (completed 2016)
    Title: Building Information Modelling Adoption Model in Malaysia: A Stategic Information Technology Perspective
  2. Idris M Katun (completed 2016)
    Title: Knowledge management Model for Project Managers in Building Construction Organization in Nigeria
  3. Luay Dwaikat (completed 2016 – Best Postgraduate Student Award in 2016 – 58th Convocation)
    Title: Assessment of Green Buildings Actual Life Cycle Cost Performance
  4. Abdullahi Yusuf Waziri (completed 2016 – Best Postgraduate Student Award in 2017 – 59th Convocation )
    Title: Change Management for the implementation of ICT-based Innovation among Nigerian Construction Organisation
  5. Toh Tien Choon (completed 2016)
    Title: Factors Influencing Project Cost Estimating Practice of Building Contractors in Malaysia
  6. NorHazren Izatie Mohd (compeleted 2017)
    Title: Development of Serious Game Framework for Hazard Identification Training Tool
  7. Felicia Yong Yan Yan (completed 2018)
    Title: Profiling of Construction Disputed in Private Projects
  8. Aimi Sara Ismail (Completed 2020)
    Title: A Framework for an Automated BIM-Based Fire Regulations Compliance Checking System
  9. Ahmad Faiz Azizi bin Ahmad Fauzi (Completed 2021)
    Title: Augmented Reality Framework of Teaching and Learning for Construction Measurement
  10. Abby Balkis Gorayah (on-going – formulation of proposal)
    Title: Readiness and Adoption of Intelligent Contract as an Initial Catalyst for the Implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Technology in the Construction Industry in Oman
  11. Wong Chear Ching (on-going – formulation of proposal)
    Title: Impact of Digitalisation to Construction Industry in ASEAN Region
  12. Huang He (on-going – formulation of proposal)
  1. Badiru Yunusa Yusuf (Completed 2018)
    Title: Development of framework for the integration of Building Information Modelling to Higher Education in Malaysia
  2. Abu Bakar Bin Abd. Hamid (Completed 2020)
    Title: A Building Information Modelling Framework For Enhancing Interior Design Firms In Malaysia
  3. Bouguerra Khalid (on-going – correction stage)
    Title: Building Information Modelling Framework for Practical Implementation in Algerian Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry
  4. Olalekan Olaolu Titus (on going – final stage)
    Title: Minimising the occurrence of conflict and dispute though the BIM implementation in construction industry
  5. Muhammad Yusuf bin Nordin (on-going – Data Analysis)
    Title: Collaboration Framework for Safety Design Review Using Virtual Reality
  6. Lim Ke En (on-going – Data collection)
    Title: Integration of Blockchain, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Internet of Things (IoT) for Real Time Carbon Emission Quantification
  7. Mohammad Suzaime bin Sazali (on-going – formulation of proposal)
    Title: ICT and Innovation In Construction Industry Especially For Quantity Surveying (QS)
  8. Raihan binti Maskuriy (on-going – formulation of proposal)
    Title: Smart Construction Waste Management Using BIM And IOT
  1. Azlan bin Othman (PhD – 2021)
    Framework of Knowledge Management Implementation in Engineering Consulting Firms in Malaysian Construction Industry
  2. Mohammad Ezzad bin Abu Bakar (PhD – 2021)
    Development of Cost-Effective Sky Court Apartment Prototype For Socially Sustainable Apartments In Malaysia
  3. Norshakila Muhamad Rawai (PhD – 2020)
    Title: Project Management Information System Implementation Framework for Construction Mangement
  4. Taki Eddine Seghier (PhD – 2019)
    Title: Building Information Modelling-based Approach for Green Building Evaluation
  5. Rosli bin Ahmad (PhD – 2018)
    Title: Development of Web-based Life-Cycle Costing Analysis for Green Building Index Energy Efficiency Evaluation
  6. Jonathan Kehinde Fabi (PhD – 2018)
    Title: Risk Allocation Framework Development for Build-Operate-Transfer Highway Projects in Nigeria
  7. Emad Kasra Kermanshahi (PhD – 2017)
    Title: Integration of Sustainable Design and Building Information Modelling : A Framework for Existing Building Refurbishment
  8. Arezou Shafaghat (PhD – 2013)
    Title: Path Walkability Assessment Framework Based on Decision Tree Analysis of Pedestrian Travelers’ Retail Walking
  9. Quah Lee Hui (Masters – 2012)
    Title: A Multi-criteria Generic Process Model for Selecting Fire Protection System
  1. Julian Osman (PhD – 2019)
    Doctor of Philosophy, International Islamic University of Malaysia
    Title: Adoption of Building Information Modelling by Malaysia Quantity Surveying Firms