PhD students

Postgraduate Supervision

Doctor of Philosophy Candidate

As Supervisor (6 completed and 2 on going)

i.Wallace Imoudu Enegbuma (completed 2016)

Title: Building Information Modelling Adoption Model in Malaysia: A Stategic Information Technology Perspective

ii. Idris M Katun (completed 2016)

Title: Knowledge management Model for Project Managers in Building Construction Organization in Nigeria

iii. Luay Dwaikat (completed 2016 – Best Postgraduate Student Award in 2016 – 58th Convocation)

Title: Assessment of Green Buildings Actual Life Cycle Cost Performance

iv. Abdullahi Yusuf Waziri (completed 2016 – Best Postgraduate Student Award in 2017 – 59th Convocation )

Title: Change Management for the implementation of ICT-based Innovation among Nigerian Construction Organisation

v. Toh Tien Choon (completed 2016)

Title: Factors Influencing Project Cost Estimating Practice of Building Contractors in Malaysia

vi. NorHazren Izatie Mohd (compeleted 2017)

Title: Development of Hazard Identification Training Tool using Gaming Approach

vii. Felicia Yong Yan Yan (completed 2018)

Title: Profiling of Construction Dispute

viii. Aimi Sara Ismail (Data Collection)

Title: Building Code Checking


As Co-supervisor

i. Badiru Yunusa Yusuf (completed 2018)

Title: Integration of Building Information Modelling into University Education in Malaysia


As Internal Examiner (UTM)

i. Arezou Shafaghat (PhD-2013)

Title: Path Walkability Assessment Framework Based on Decision Tree Analysis of Pedestrian Travelers’ Retail Walking

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