Dear students,

  1. You are required to meet your future supervisor to discuss about the PSM project starting from Lecture Week 10 this semester. Click here to view list of FKA academic staff and their expertise to assist you in selecting your PSM supervisor.
  2. Upon achieving supervisor’s approval, he/she will be the one who register for you. The registration period ends on the Lecture Week 1 next semester.
  3. Thus, you are required to provide them your details as follows:
    • Full name (as registered in your matric card)
    • Identity Card (IC)/Passport No.
    • Matric Card No.
    • Mobile Phone No.
  4. Once registration is completed, you can view your name registered here. If it happen that your name cannot be found in the list, please remind your supervisor to complete the registration before end of this semester.
  5. There are ONLY TWO (2) STUDENTS PER SUPERVISOR are allowed, and ONLY THE LATEST TWO STUDENTS registered by a supervisor shown in the list are counted.
  6. Therefore, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that your supervisor register your name under his supervision. You are required to view the updated list of registered name (as provided) frequently within the registration period.
  7. You will be AUTOMATICALLY assigned to a supervisor IF you are UNSUCCESSFULLY registered before next semester. No request will be entertained for any changes of supervisor once he/she is assigned for you.
  8. The updated final PSM STUDENT-SUPERVISOR list will be announced a week after the closing of registration.


Wishing you all best of luck.

Thank you.