Master of Science (M. Sc.)

Master of Science (M. Sc.)



Title of Thesis

Tan Yin Yin Awarded MSc degree in 2008 Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal-Doped Silica Aerogels as Photocatalysts
Nor Suriani Bt. Hj Sani Awarded MSc degree in 2010 Enzyme Encapsulated Silica Matrix
Nurul Hidayah Bt. Mohd Yunos Awarded MSc degree in 2010 Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery System for Piperine
Yong Shih Ween Awarded MSc degree in May 2013 Synthesis of Bismuth Titaniate Materials via Modified Hot Injection Method
Jamilah Bt. Mohd Ekhsan Awarded Master’s degree in October 2013 Niobium-Phosphate Impregnated Silica-Titania as Oxidative-Acidic Bifunctional Catalyst in Synthesis of Diols
Hartini Bt. Khairi Osman Awarded Master’s degree in October 2013 Synthesis and Characterizatipn of Bismuth Based Materials via Hot Injection Method
Ahmad Hanami Bin Abd Kadir Passed viva in April, Graduated Photocatalytic Removal of Nitrosamines over Mesoporous Carbon Nitride catalyst
Shamsuddin Bin Chik Zi Graduated in 2014

Nurul Diyana Bt. Zainal Registered in Sem I 2014/2015 Synthesis and Characterization of Nitrogen Modified TiO2 for application in Textile Industry
Salasiah Bt. Che Me Registered in Sem I 2014/2015, passed viva in Nov 2017, Graduated in April 2018 Synthesis and Characterization of Tungsten-Phosporic acid Treated Silica-Titania as Acidic-Oxidative Bifunctional Catalyst
Khaw Swee Por (mixed mode) Registered in Sem I 2014-2015, Awarded Master’s degree in March 2016 Synthesis and Characterization of Vanadium oxides Doped Porous Titania Photocatalyst
Goh Cheow Kat Registered in Sem I 2015/2016, passed viva with B1 on 11 Nov 2019 Multiresponsive Phosphorescent Metallogels using Azobenzene of Gold(I) Pyrazolate Complexes with Liquid Crystalline Properties
Tan Win Hon Awarded Master in Sem 1 20172018 Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes from Hydrocarbon Rich Flames
Nur Rahimah Bt. Said Awarded Master in 2015 Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Polysterene Anchored Palladium (II) Hydrazone Complexes in Heck Reaction
Ling Chui Min Register in September 2018 TUD-C Doped tungsten oxide catalysts for cyclohexane oxidation