Completed Projects

  • BIM-based Process-Driven Decision-making for Sustainability. Science Fund, MOSTI. (RM97,000). [Project Leader, July 2014 – May 2016]
  • Dynamic Shading as Daylight and Solar Control for High-Rise Office in Tropical Climate. Research University Grant (GUP) Tier 1. (RM38,808). [Project Leader, 2014 – 2015]
  • Enhancing Indoor Environmental Performance of Green Mosque in Tropics. ISI-Mudra Tropika Short Term Grant. (RM20,000). [Project Leader, 2013-2015]
  • MIT-UTM Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program (MSCP). Flagship UTM. (RM1,000,000.00). [Research Member, Oct 2014 – 2015]
  • Rapid Building-in-box System (RaBIB) for Sustainable Residential House.  Research University Grant (GUP) Tier 1. (RM120,000). [Research Member, 2012-2015]
  • The Cross-cultural Assimilation and Climatic Adaptation Aspects of the Peranakan Chinese House in East Coast Malaysia. Research University Grant (GUP) Tier 1. (RM40,000). [Research Member, 2014 – 2015]
  • Optimal Use of Natural Ventilation for High Rise Residential Building in Malaysia. GUP Tier 1. (RM20,000). [Research Member, 2014 – 2015]
  • Green Bio-healthy House with Natural Lighting and Ventilation in Tropical Climate. Research University Grant (GUP) Tier 2. (RM32,000). [Project Leader, 2012-2013]
  • Developing a Bankable Development Proposal for UTM’s Iconic Building Project. ISI-UTM Research Project. [Research Leader, 2012-2013]
  • Photovoltaic-yield Calculation Model for Building to Support the Use of PV Panel as Building Material in Asean Cities. Research University Grant (GUP) Tier 2. (RM32,000). [Research Member, 2012-2013]
  • Smart Shading Device for Energy Saving in Tropics.  Research University Grant (GUP) Vote. QJ130000.7101.02H14. (RM130,000) [Research Member, 2011-2013]
  • Smart Internal Shading Prototype for Tropical Daylighting and Energy Efficiency in Contemporary High-rise Office. Postdoctoral Research Project. [2012]
  • Developing a Comfortable and Energy Efficient Government’s Office Building Design. Collaborative Research by JKR and UTM. Vote 73751. (RM 450,000). [Research Member, 2010-2011]
  • Internal Shading for Efficient Tropical Daylighting in High-rise Open Plan Office. Ph.D. Research Project. [2008-2011]
  • Simplified Design Tool for Optimum External Shading towards Energy Efficiency in Hot Humid Tropic. UTM Initial Research Grant Scheme (IRGS), Vote 78384. (RM10,000). [Research Member, 2008-2010]

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