I have an immerse passion for teaching and a vast colorful of experience in industry and engineering education. Hence, 22 years of dedication to working experience and teaching, research, consultancy, facilitating, competency and continuous professional development towards stakeholder, industries, peers, and workers. Thus, profoundly equipped with precious of vast experience, knowledge, and skills not just in classroom but outside that greatly benefit role as a lecturer in academia.

My aptitude to interconnect these various areas demonstrates my duly pledge to providing a well-versed and inclusiveness educational experience for your students. This interdisciplinary approach can enrich the learning process and assist students grasp the practical applications of what they are perusal beyond the conventional classroom.

My philosophy of “sharing industrial experience as subject matter expert” is commendable. It sets a strong case for my students, showing them that the knowledge you impart is not just theoretical but rooted in real-world applications and experiences.

The emphasis on “critical and innovation thinking” and student-cantered learning through active and experiential methods, as well as the use of diverse learning modes and materials, aligns with contemporary educational principles. This approach fosters critical thinking skills and empowers students to become active participants in their own learning and industrial journeys.

Furthermore, my credence in enabling students to connect and construct knowledge to make meaning of what they learn is in line with the idea of nurturing lifelong learning. Facilitate students to develop the skill to apply their knowledge beyond the conventional classroom and safeguards that their education remains relevant and valuable throughout their lives and industries.

Overall, your dedication to teaching and your commitment to innovative and student-cantered approaches are likely to have a profound and lasting impact on your students’ educational experiences and future success.

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