UTM Thesis Word Template

There are two ways you can use the template.

A) You haven’t written anything or very little.

  1. Use the template as your starting point.
  2. Do not delete anything. Just backspace and rewrite your new headers.
  3. Cut & paste your paragraph content. Choose normal style.

B) You have written a lot and want to update your template.

  1. Please copy the template into your current doc.
  2. Open your document and click the file tab.
  3. Choose the Options command -> Add-Ins
  4. Choose Templates from Manage drop-down list
  5. Click the Go button.
  6. Click the Attach button and select the template you want to attach.
  7. Click the Open button. The template is attached to your document.
  8. Ensure that the option Äutomatically Update Document Styles”is seleted.
  9. Click OK.


  • You can also use them for your Masters and PhD thesis. Just change the headers.
  • This is built using Word 2016, should be ok with other Word versions but just in case, download the latest Word from CICT.
  • From time to time I will add different versions and further instructions. Feel free to drop by to ask me anything.Good luck!