Research University Grant

Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

  1. Principal Investigator, Quantification of Submerged Seagrass Biomass in Malaysian Coastal Waters using Multi-Resolution Satellite Data, The budget approved is RM75350. (2017-2018)
  2. Principal Investigator, Prototyping Sea-Truthings For Coastal Substrate Mapping System Based On Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for Blue Carbon. The budget approved is RM 40,000. (2017-2018)
  3. Principal Investigator, Identification of Location and Seagrass Aerial Coverage Using Remote Sensing Technology in Coral Triangle Initiatives (CTI) Region, The budget approved is RM 71,000. (2017-2018)
  4. Principal Investigator, Spatial temporal dynamic of pest conflict in urban cities of Malaysia, The budget approved is RM 66,600. (2017)
  5. Project Member, Spatial and Spectral Characterisation of Bagworm Pre-Infestation in Oil Palm by Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging System. The budget approved is RM50,000. July 2016 – June 2018.
  6. Project Member, Discovering of New Gold Mineralization Prospects In Mersing, Johor Using Remote Sensing Satellite Technology. The budget approved is RM50,000, July 2016 – June 2018.
  7. Principal Investigator, Identification of location and seagrass aerial coverage using remote sensing technology in coral triangle initiatives (CTI) region. The Budget approved is RM65,000. Feb 2016-Jan 2017
  8. Principal Investigator, Spatio-Temporal Downscaling of The Satellite Precipitation Data In Humid Tropical Region. The Budget approved is RM66,600. Jan 2016-Dis 2016
  9. Principal Investigator, Image-Based Non-Destructive Detection Of Civil Infrastructure Concrete Condition. The budget approved is RM48,900. May 2015-Oct 2016.
  10. Principal Investigator, RS-GIS Modelling of Sg Johor River Basin, The budget approved is RM39,000.Mac 2015-Jun 2016
  11. Project Member, Characterization Of Ground Penetrating Radar Backscatter Of Utility Features For Underground Infrastructure Mapping. The budget approved is RM20,000. May 2015-Jul 2016
  12. Principal Investigator, Modeling spatial and temporal methane emission from wetlands and converted wetland-to-oil palm plantation using satellite remote sensing data. The budget approved is RM 97,000. Jan 2012- Nov 2014
  13. Principal Investigator, Development retrieval of variability of water yield using satellite multi-sensor remote sensing data. The budget approved is RM 90,000. Jun 2011- May 2013
  14. Principal Investigator, Impact of climate change on Antarctica-tropical region. The budget approved is RM 500,000.  Apr 2013 – Mac 2015
  15. Project member, Simulation of shoreline change using differential interferometric synthetic aperture radar (INSAR), Apr 2014- Feb 2015
  16. Principal Investigator, Study on Satellite Remote Sensing Data to Develop Environmental Indicators: Ambient Air and Coastal Water Quality Monitoring to Support High Level Decisions for National and International Environmental Protection, The budget approved is RM 90,000. Apr 2011- Mac 2013
  17. Project member, The post-tsunami multiplatform satellite-based land-sea interaction, Jul 2011- Jun 2012
  18. Project member, Remote Sensing and GIS Based Water Balance Model for Sustainable Water Resource Management in Tropical Catchment Area. The budget approved is RM 90,000. Apr 2011- Mar 2013
  19. Project member, Remote Sensing and GIS Based Water Balance Model for Sustainable Water Resource Management in Tropical Catchment Area. The budget approved is RM 90,000. Apr 2011- Mar 2012
  20. Project member, Building of spectral library as “bio-fingerprint” of tropical rainforest. The budget approved is RM 30,000. Apr 2011- Jul 2012
  21. Project member, Space-based detection of wetlands surface water level changes using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (INSAR). The budget approved is RM 90,000. Apr 2011- Jul 2013.
  22. Principal Investigator, Landslide susceptibility mapping in Cameron Highlands using satellite data and statistical methods, Post-Doc Flagship, RM 65,000. Apr 2014- Mac 2015.
  23. Principal Investigator, Modelling and Analysis of GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Imaging for Detecting Inner Structure of Heritage Building and Infrastructural Objects, Post-Doc Flagship, RM65,000. Dec 2011- Nov 2012
  24. Principal Investigator, Digital satellite image processing for identification of new prospects gold in unexposed lithology: case studies in Bau gold field, Sarawak Malaysia, Post-Doc Flagship, RM 66,700. Aug 2012 – July 2013
  25. Principal Investigator, A basin scale vegetation dynamic model for projecting future landuse changes from satellites, Apr 2011 – Jul 2012
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