PhD Information Systems Program Courses

CourseCourse Title
PCM1524Information Systems Research Methodology
PCM1534Information Systems Elective

Doctor of Business Administration Program Courses

CourseCourse Title
PBSA2323  Doctoral Seminar in Digital Marketing

Master in Business Administration Program Courses

CourseCourse Title
MBSA2193Digital Transformation Technologies
MBSA2163Digital Marketing
MBSA2363Marketing Analytics
MBSA2263Operation and Project Management
Final class of Digital Transformation Technologies at the Cyberlab for the Hands-On Robotic Process Automation Module.
The classwas conducted in hybrid mode in Semester 1, Session 2022/2023

Master in IT Enterprenuership Program Courses

CourseCourse Title
MBSM1233IT Product Design & Development
MBSM1323Product Innovation & Creativity
MBSM1223IT Business Application Domain
MBSM1014IT Business Research & Management Systems
A Focus Group Discussion Session involving undergraduate students providing feedback to MSc IT Enterprenuership program for the course: IT Product Design and Development

Master in IT Management Program Courses

CourseCourse Title
MBSC1263Information Technology Project Management
MCM2573Information Technology for Organization Transformation
Back in 2012 when I taught IT for Organization Transformation
This was the very last time I taught First Year students the course Technology & Information Systems at the Faculty of Computing before the Information Systems Department moved to Business School in 2018 then the Faculty of Management in 2022.

Undergraduate Courses

CourseCourse Title
SBSF2113Marketing Information Systems
UKQA2022Digital Media & Community
SBSD1623IT in Business
SCSP1513Technology & Information Systems
SCD2613Systems Analysis & Design
SCK3493E-Business Application Development
SCK2403Database Marketing
SCK3433Management of Organizational Information Systems
SCK3443Management Support Systems