PhD students

Current PhD Students

Student NameThesis Title
Zhang YanYanModel of Intelligent Chatbot Adoption for Learning in Higher Education Institutions
Li Zi JiaInfluence of Mindfulness on Digital Workers Well-being of Malaysia Small and Medium Enterprises.  
Li YaGamification on Social Commerce User’s’ Information Sharing Behavior
Modu Mohammed Maina  An Enhanced Model for the Adoption of Mobile Health in a Limited Resource Environment
Weiming WangExtended Elaboration Likelihood Model for Purchase Decision in the Food Tourism Industry
He GuangmeiThe Impact of Gamification on the Brand Equity of Virtual Brand in China
Norhafizah binti Mohd Hanapiah  Data Governance Framework for Managing Quality Data in Higher Education Institution
Modu Mohammed Maina  An Enhanced Model for the Adoption of Mobile Health in a Limited Resource Environment
Nur Fadziana Faisal MohamedBehavior Change Support Model for Anti-Sedentary Behavior of Office Workers

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr Amin won the 2nd Runner Up at the 3-Minute Thesis Competition in 2014.
Dr Kayode was the 3rd Prize winner for the 3-Minute Thesis Competition 2017 at the Faculty of Computing
One of the emaningful moments of my Supervision journey. Dr Ahmad Fadhil who was my Supervisee, then Co-Supervised Noor Irliana. This photo was captured after Irliana’s Viva-Voce Session. At one point, she decided to quit, but…Alhamdulillah, Yes! She passed with minor corrections!

PhD Students (Graduated)

YearStudent NameThesis Title
2023Noor Irliana Mohd. RahimChatbot Adoption Model for Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia
2023Areej Ahmed A. AlshaafeeEnhanced Net Valence Model (NVM) for The Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles (AVS) by Novice Drivers
2023Ghada Ahmed Abdelguiom MohammedRole of Social Media as a Support for Overcoming Obesity Among Sudanese Females
2022Arash Bayat ShahbaziTechnology to Performance Chain Model In CSCL Environment for Improving Academic Performance
2018Kayode Ibrahim Adenuga, (Best Student Award) 3rd Prize for the 3-Minute Thesis Competition at the Faculty of Computing 2017Telemedicine adoption model for clinicians in Nigeria
Dr Ahmad Fadhil so happy with the Best Postgraduate Student Award.
Dr Amin Saedi on the Graduation Day with the Best Postgraduate Award medal that he has received.
My two very hardworking girls Marva and Elaheh who pushed me a lot to publish.
We have learnt from each other in many ways.
Dr Elaheh was the 2nd Prize Winner for the 3-Minute Thesis Competition in 2015. Dr Marva and Dr Saman also participated in the competition. To me, they are all winners!
Dr Elaheh was one of the representatives from the Faculty of Computing for the
UTM 3-Minute Thesis Competition in 2015
Dr Saman celebrating his success after passing his Viva-Voce in 2016.
YearStudent NameThesis Title
2016Saman ForoutaniAn electronic service quality transactional model of attraction, trust and loyalty for interactive healthcare portal
2015Elaheh Yadegaridehkordi
2nd prize at the 3 Minute Thesis Competition at the Faculty of Computing 2015
An adoption model for cloud-based collaborative learning applications from top Malaysian universities’ experience
2015Marva MirabolghasemiA model for enhancing performance in using social media for cancer patients
2015Ahmad Fadhil Yusof (Best Student Award)Enhanced model for continuance intention in using mobile wellness applications
2014Amin Saedi (Best Student Award)
3rd prize at the 3 Minute Thesis Competition at the Faculty of Computing 2014
Cloud computing adoption framework for Malaysian small medium enterprises in information and communication technology sector
2014Doaa Mohammed Saeed BamasoudInfluence of academic researchers’ absorptive capacity and its antecedents towards acceptance of collaborative technologies
2014Amin Babazadeh SangarMeasurement metrics for measuring success of business intelligence system
2013Oye Nathaniel DavidInformation and communication technology acceptance framework for Nigerian public university academicians