Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Education Malaysia

April 2012 – Sept 2014 Project Leader, vot 4F154, Grant approved: RM 79,840
New Mechanisms for Moisture-Induced Oxidation-Creep of Austenitic Stainless Steel Foils at Elevated Temperatures.

Dec 2013 – Nov 2016 Project Leader, vot 4F420, Grant approved: RM 97,000
New Field of Study in Fracture Mechanics based on Combination of Fractal Mathematics and Probabilistic Theory.

Contract Research Grant, Awarded by Intel Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Dec 2011 – May 2014 Project Leader, vot 4C015, Grant approved: RM 95,000
Temperature and Rate Dependent Parameters for Damage-based Fatigue Models of Pb-free Solders.

Sept 2009 – Dec 2012 Fellowship Project Supervisor, vot 3C038 (68736), Grant approved: RM 60,000
Simulation of Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Pb-free Solder Interconnects Using Cohesive Zone Model.

Sept 2009 – Dec 2011 Project Leader, vot 3C039 (68737), Grant approved: RM 45,000
Microstructure-based Cohesive Damage Zone Model for Fatigue of Solder Interconnects.

Oct 2007 – Dec 2009 Project Leader, vot 3C015, Grant approved: RM115,500
Evalution of Fracture Mechanics Based Model for Pb-Free Solder Interconnects.

2007 – 2009 Project Leader, vot 68709, Grant approved: RM 115,500
Evaluation of Fracture Mechanics-based Model for Lead-free Solder Interconnects.

2005 – 2007 Project Leader, vot 68601, Grant approved: RM 120,000
Predictive Methodology for Crack Initiation and Propagation in Interconnect Materials.

2003 – 2005 Project Leader, vot 68407, Grant approved: RM 90,000
Low CTE Substrate to Improve Warp and Solder Joint Reliability (Intel-UTM-USM collaboration)

2003 – 2005 Project Leader, vot 68313, Grant approved: RM 110,000
Methodology for Failure Assessment of Plastic/Organic Package Failure Under Thermo-mechanical Loading Conditions.

2003 – 2005 Fellowship Project Supervisor, vot 68307, Grant approved: RM 60,000
Studies of Thermal Shock Stress to Electronic Packaging Failures.
2001 – 2003 Project Leader, INTEL Collaboration Project
1. Deformation Characteristics of Flip Chips Due to Thermal Cycling
2. Thermal Resistance of Interface Materials for Electronic Applications.

Contract Research Grant, Awarded by The Libyan People’s Bureau – Kuala Lumpur

Jul 2009 – July 2012 Fellowship Project Supervisor, vot 3B060, Grant approved: RM 20,000
Damage Mechanics-Based Fatigue Design Methodology for Structural Components.

Contract Research Grant, Awarded by KISWIRE R&D Sdn. Bhd.

Sept 2013 – Aug 2015 Project Leader, vot 4C043, RM 140,000
Methodology for Fatigue Life Improvement of Steel Cables and Wire Ropes.

UTM Matching Grant:
Oct 2014 – Dec 2016 Project Leader, vot 00M49, Grant approved: RM 56,000
Mehodology for Fatigue Life Improvement of Steel Wire Ropes

Contract Research Grant, Awarded by the Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Center (AMIC)

Nov 2015 – Apr 2020 Project Leader, vot 4C089, AMIC/AM/P02-01,
Grant approved: RM 897,200
Advanced Testing of Laminated Composites for Aerospace Parts and Assemblies

UTM Matching Grant:
Oct 2016 – Apr 2020 Project Leader, vot 01M01, Grant approved: RM 329,400
Damage Assessment of Laminated Composites by Digital Image Correlation Technique

Contract Research Grant*, Awarded under the European Union HORIZON H2020 Marie Curie RISE Program,
Coordinated by Liverpool John Moores University (UK)

May 2017 – Apr 2021 Project Member. *The UTM Project Leader is Dr. Mohd Foad Abdul Hamid
Vot H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016-730888-RESET
RESET – REliability and Safety Engineering and Technology for Large Maritime Engineering Systems

Contract Research Grant, Awarded by the Consortium for Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST)

Sept 2013 – Aug 2015 Project Leader, Vot 4B118, RM288,600.00
Damage Mechanics-Based Methodology for Reliability Assessment of Through-Silicon Via (TSV) Interconnects.
(CREST Funding with INTEL Technology Matching Grant of RM 328,445)

SCIENCEFUND, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)

Dec 2006 – Oct 2008 Project Leader, Sciencefund vot 79058 (3S057), Grant approved: RM 154,096
Performance Characterization of Advanced Alloys for High-Temperature Recuperators Applications in Improved Efficiency Microturbines.

Dec 2006 – Apr 2009 Project Leader, Sciencefund, vot 79059 (3S058), Grant approved: RM 137,995
A New Technique For Predicting Damage In Advanced Interconnect Materials For Microelectronic Applications.

TECHNOFUND, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)

Nov 2009 – Dec 2014 Project Leader, vot 3H010, Grant approved for UTM: RM 592,800
Damage and Fracture Mechanics-Based Design Methodology. (Technofund Program No. TF0608C073)

Research University Grant (RUG)

Aug 2011 – July 2014 Project Leader, vot 00G42, Grant approved: RM 239,500 (Flagship)
Design and Construction of Efficient Body Structure for Electric Vehicle.

Jan 2011 – Jun 2013 Project Leader, vot 00H51, Grant approved: RM170,000 (Tier-1)
Unified Methodology for Damage Assessment of Structural Composites

Transdisciplinary Research University Grant (UTM TDR)

Dec 2018 – Nov 2021 Program Manager, vot 06G19, UTM-TDR13,
Total grant approved for 4 projects: RM 240,000.
Innovative Materials for Resilient Contact Systems

Project Leader, vot 06G09, UTM-TDR 13.1 (Tier 1),
Grant approved: RM 80,000
Hybrid Nanocomposite Coating for Resilient Contact Systems

Intensification of Research and Priority Areas (IRPA) GRANT

1999 – 2002 Project Leader, vot 72194, Grant approved RM 119,700
Development and Performance Evaluation of SiC/Al Metal Matrix Composites for Automotive Engine Applications

1999 – 2003 Project Leader, vot 72376, Grant approved RM 159,600
Fatigue Characterization of Cast Ti-Al Intermetallic Alloys for Aircraft and Automotive Engine Applications

2003 – 2008 Project member,
Natural Gas Compressor – Design and Development
(on Stress analysis and fatigue life prediction)

Research Acculturation Collaborative Effort (RACE) Grant, Ministry of Higher Education

May 2014 – Mar 2016 Mentor, UTM matching grant vot 00M24, Grant approved: RM 25,000,
Grant approved to UniMAP is RM 49,800,
Effect of Adhesive Thickness on Strength of Adhesively Bonded T-Joint in Urea Granulator Fluidization Bed, UniMAP.

May 2014 – Nov 2015 Mentor, UTM matching grant vot 00M26, Grant approved: RM 25,000,
Grant approved to UTHM is RM 49,800,
Characerization of Failure Mechanism of a Coated Surface using Finite Element Simulation Method for a Novel Coating Selection Tool