The primary field of my research expertise falls under the area of “Functional Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment, Separation & Purification and Biological & Biomedical Applications”.

  1. Energy applications

Polymer electrolyte membranes for electrochemical devices such as fuel cells, lithium battery, redox flow battery, electrolyzers, etc.

Organo-catalyst for esterification and transesterification reactions (biodiesel production)

  1. Environmental applications

Adsorbents, ion exchanges and membranes for water and waste water treatment such as removal of chemical pollutants from water and waste water such as heavy metals, boron, anions and removal of bacteria from waste water.

  1. Separation and purification applications

Adsorbents affinity resins, bioadsorbents, hydrogels and membranes for removal of CO2 from air, flu gas and natural gas by adsorption.

Membranes for pervaporation application.

  1. Biological and biomedical applications

Synthetic and natural polymer functionalized substrates for enzyme immobilization.

Scaffolds for tissue engineering.

Purification of protein

Other research expertise fall under the field of radiation processing of polymeric materials, which include various topics such as:

  • Nanocomposite membranes and scaffolds
  • Effects of high-energy radiation on polymeric materials.
  • Modification of polymers using radiation-induced graft copolymerization techniques.
  • Kinetics of radiation-induced graft copolymerization reactions.
  • Processing of biopolymers by blending and ionizing radiation.
  • Electrospinning of natural and synthetic polymers
  • Techniques and approaches
  • Green synthesis
  • Radiation induced grafting techniques
  • Electropinning of polymers
  • Polymer blending
  • Nanocomposites formation
  • Surface modification
  • Various material characterization techniques.