Tal Building System Analysis and Design

Highrise Building Design and Analysis

The course emphasized on the analysis and design of tall building structural system. The course covers an introduction to tall building structures and related issue in analysis and design. The student will be guided through the Codes basic requirement of analysis and design of tall buildings. The analysis and design of tall building structural elements such as frame, shear wall and core wall structures will first be explained before the students are guided through the analysis and design of various tall building shapes. Finally, the detailing of shear and core walls will be explained in detail. The Course Learning Outcomes are:

  1. Able to apply the technical and conceptual fundamentals in engineering design and construction of marine oil & gas structural facilities.
  2. Able to appraise the engineering, construction, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPCIC) philosophies of offshore oil and gas facilities and to relate the sequences between these stages of work.
  3. Apple to apply the structural integrity assessment, risk, inspection and maintenance of marine structures.