Research Grant


    1. Distorted Image Pre-Processing for Deep Neural Network Classification.

    2. Analysis of Vehicle Detection using Statistical Background Subtraction.

    3. Content-Based Image Retrieval Framework using ORB for Criminal Dataset.

    4. The Study of Soil Moisture Sensing in Rock Melon Cultivation System Under Semi-Closed Green House.


    1. Environment Control Automation for Mushroom Cultivation.

    2. Embedded Image Enhancer for UAV.

    3. Generic Optical Form Processing for Multiple Choice Answer Extraction.

    4. A New Algorithm for Starfruit Maturity Classification Based on 2-Color Image Processing.

    5. Novel Approach for Fruit Quality Evaluation Using Artificial Intelligence Based 3D Mapping. 

    6. Design and Development of Street Light Monitoring and Management System.     

    7. Extraction of Features of Breathing Sounds from Adults with Various Level Body Mass Index (BMI). 

    8. Copy-Move Image Forgery Detection for Forensic Application.

    9. Analysis for Environment Factors for Mushroom Cultivation using Online Management System.

    10. Algorithm for Sign Language Recognition on a Mobile Platform. 

    11. Flagship Grant of I-Sejahtera: An Integrated Intelligent Monitoring and Management System for Environment, Health, and Security. 

    12. Characterization of Syllables of Malay Words for the Development of New Speech Intangibility Assessor based on Malay Words used in Friday Sermon. 

    13. Implementing Robust Plate Number Recognition System Integrating Networked Database System at UTM Entrances.

    14. Vision-Based Assistive Tool for People with Dementia Performing Activities of Daily Living for Clinical Rehabilitation.