Digital Image Processing

This course introduces students to introductory and intermediate levels of image processing techniques. The area of coverage would be the digitization process as a means to acquire the digital image. Next would be the enhancement and restoration processes, which are to improve the quality of the image for next stage processing. Both the spatial domain and frequency domain approaches will be covered. The next stage would be the segmentation process. This is an essential step towards advanced level processing. Finally, the topic of compression and coding will be covered. MATLAB will be used extensively for better understanding. By adopting this knowledge, students will be able to develop essential technical skills in solving real-world problems involving image processing with some degree of accuracy.


1 Basics Of Digital Image.
2 Image Enhancement: Point Processing
3 Image Enhancement: Neighborhood Processing.
4 Frequency Domain Enhancement.
5 Restoration: Noise Reduction.
6 Restoration: Deblurring.
7 Edge Detection.
8 Segmentation.
9 Morphology.
10 Compression Basic: Redundancies.
11 Compression Model.
12 Wavelet and Multiresolution Processing.