PhD Students

Main Supervisor

  1. Mudzfirah Abdul Halim (January 2020), Software Engineering and Security
  2. Abdul Hadi Jehmica Abdullah (September 2019), Cloud Computing Security
  3. Mohamad Jahidul Alam (January 2019), Blockchain and Supply Chain
  4. Wan Faezah Abas (September 2018), Digital Transformation Implementation by Leveraging on Enterprise Architecture Solutions
  5. Soffri Yussof (September 2018), Value Innovation in Crowd Sourcing Software Development
  6. Isra Elamin Maysara Mohammed (September 2016), Risk Management in Global Software Development Environment
  7. Surya Sumarni Hussein (September 2015), Readiness Assessment of Enterprise Architecture Implementation in Malaysian Public Sector – Thesis Corrections
  8. Anusuyah Subbarrao (September 2015), Requirements Engineering – Graduated in December 2019
  9. Samsu Hilmy Abdullah (September 2013), Course Materials Recommender System
  10. Maryam Khanian Najafabadi (February 2013), Sparsity Problems in Collaborative Filtering for Recommender System – Graduated in December 2016
  11. Sri Lakshmi Kanniah (February 2013), Secure Software Development – Thesis Corrections
  12. Babak Darvish Rouhani (September 2012), Enterprise Architecture – Graduated in April 2016
  13. Huma Hayat Khan (February 2012), Situational Factors in Software Requirements Engineering – Graduated on Time (GOT) in July 2015
  14. Asma A. Mosa El Tharif (October 2011), E-Learning Readiness in Developing Countries – Graduated in  January 2019
  15. Nur Liyana Sulaiman (September 2012), Awareness in Agile Software Methodology Implementation


  1. Jayaletchumi T. Sambatha Moorthy (February 2012), Usability Risk Framework – Graduated in August 2016
  2. Mariayee Doraisamy (February 2012), Software Project Monitoring – Graduated in January 2017
  3. Sugumaran A/L Nallusamy (July 2007), Ontology-based Redocumentation for Software Maintenance – Graduated in January 2015
  4. Noor Azura Zakaria (February 2012), Software Process Tailoring Based on Value-Based Criteria – Graduated in January 2018

Current Master Master Student (by Research)

  1. Ahmad Shahrizal Sani (April 2013), An Early Heart Attack Detection System

Current Software Engineering Master Projects (with industry)

  1. Radziah Ahmad (July 2015), Requirements Engineering, Telekom Malaysia

Past Software Engineering Master Projects (with industry)

  1. Marin Konjari, Business Intelligence for Melaka Tourism
  2. Mohd Rahmat Mohd Noordin, Online Questions Bank
  3. Ahmad Rahimi Denjkolaei, Aspect Oriented Programming
  4. Samsu Hilmy Abdullah, Mobile Application Development for Secondary School
  5. Mehran Halimi Asl, Cost and Effort Estimation
  6. Mohammad Hadadi, Evaluating Software Architecture Design
  7. Aida Shafiabady, Software Metrics for UML Class Diagram
  8. Fatemeh Daghighian, Requirements and Test Coverage Analysis
  9. Lalitha Bhavani Jivnadham, A Secured Dynamic Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Network
  10. Omid Vahdani, Testing and Bug Fixing of The Information Security Management System
  11. Nur Liyana Sulaiman, Consolidating Extreme Programming and Scrum Practices
  12. Sharon Teh Sing Ling, A CMMI-Based Software Process Improvement Initiative at Hitech Padu Berhad
  13. Lenny Ruby Atai, Developing Guideline for Software Development Discipline And Process Improvement.
  14. Mar Yah Said, Kendall’s Tau Correlation Method for Forecasting Tools.
  15. The Development of Joint Application Development Environment (JADE) Tool on Linux Platform.
  16. Azurawati Ismail, M/M/1 Queue Model for Network Simulation Tools.
  17. Nora Haslina Hussin, Integrated Performance Management System (IPMS): Elaboration And Construction Iteration.
  18. Emaliana Kamsuri, Integrated Performance Management System (IPMS).
  19. Kong Choong Yang, GTS Electronic Claims System.
  20. Hafizul Fahri Hanafi, Data Analysis For Analytical Customer Relationship Management: Preparation For Predictive Model.
  21. Mohd Arifin bin Nizar, The Adaptation of Custom Development Method for Account Payable in Integrated Management System
  22. Jafar T. Jabir, Knowledge Framework – Implementation Of Data Mining To Construct Knowledge.
  23. Amir Rizaan Abdul Rahman, The Development Of Software Development Methodology For Institute Multimedia And Software, UPM (Base On IEEE/EIA 12207).
  24. Nor Shahida Mohammad Yusop, The Implementation Of Project Management, Analysis And Design For Institute Multimedia And Software, UPM (Base on IEEE Standard).
  25. Marina Mesran, Industrial Attachment Management System For Faculty Of Computer Science And Information Technology Of UPM. (Student And Lecturer Module).
  26. Noridayu Mansor, Industrial Attachment Management System For Faculty Of Computer Science And Information Technology Of UPM. (Supervisor Module).
  27. Hoo Wai Men, The Development Of Rule Mining System (RMS).
  28. Software Configuration Management Practices in Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Project.
  29. Azlina Zainudin, Siti Noor Hajar Azahar, Norlaili Kamarulzaman, Zospiha Zainal Osman, CMMI Journey at Heitech Padu Berhad.
  30. Abdul Halim Abdul Karim, Application Design Using OMT for Integrated Network Management System IPVN.
  31. The Art of Organizational Process Focus (OPF) and Organizational Process Definition (OPD) Process Areas in CMMI initiative in HiTech Padu Berhad.
  32. Suhaimi Misran, The Implementation of ISO 9126 and ISO 17799 Standard in Golden Hope Estate Computer System 2 (GH-ECS 2).
  33. Noor Yati Talib, The Requirement Analysis for IFO Sdn. Bhd Reporting System.
  34. Muhammad Maulid Mohammad Sapian, The Development of IFO Sdn. Bhd. Reporting System.
  35. Syed Gholamreza Eslami, Survey of Security Requirements and User Acceptance of Fuel Quota System.
  36. Mohd Zulfahmi Toh Abdullah, Unit Testing for Vision System Development Platform (VSDP).
  37. Khairunisa Osman, Integrating Security and Software Engineering Practices.
  38. Mohd Hijaz Md Rifin, The Development of Cots Based System in Govecert Project.


I have been appointed as Master Projects examiner since the year 2000. Since then, I have examined more than 50 students.

Past Software Engineering Bachelor Projects

  • The Development of Waterco Warranty System, Asmah Abdul Rahman
  • The Development of Apple Sdn. Bhd Training Management System, Jalilah Karim Khan
  • The Development of Clinical System, Shahrulnizam Saleh
  • Sistem Perlesenan Industri Pelancongan, Azila Haron