Speed Reading @ Sek Keb Sagil Kampung 17 Oct 2019

A Blessed 2019 indeed.

Venue : Sek Keb. Sagil Kampong, Tangkak, Muar

 Date : Thursday 17 Oct 2019

Partner : CCSL UTM ;Komuniti Buku Karja Johor (KBKJ – En Isnin Tawaf) &PERBIMA (Persatuan Biblioterapi Malaysia – Wakil Johor)

Teachers and team (UKQR 2132 / UKQF 2422 students + KBKJ)

Congratulation on the effort!  the class of  UKQR2132/UKQF2422 students  had done well to teach and share their understanding about speed reading with the primary schoolers. I am proud of the effort and creativity. Keep up the good work.


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