Post COVIDian & The New Behaviour

The Covid-19 Pandemic, has taken the world by surprise and alarms every aspect of human existence.

Despite the weakening of the economy and restlessness among the global citizen, it is interesting to observe how the people cope with the ‘crowned’ virus of 2020.

Take Malaysia for example, though the government has delayed their early intervention of the pandemic, the current actions have been inspirational and commendable by other countries.

“…ke sana ke sini…” a rap song inspired by the quote of our 8th Malaysian PM. Only just now, at 4.00 pm 10th April 2020, another cute remark by our ‘ayah’ (father) figure, “…pergi mandi’ and ‘ atuk sayang cucu’ tickled most of us. And then only, The PM announced the extension of MCO (Movement Control Order), from 15 April to 28th April 2020.

Actually, it is a brilliant action by the current government, as they chunked the movement every 2 weeks to avoid panic among people.

A blessing in disguise? Only God knows.

Malaysian carried the trademark of volunteerism and caring society. Not only the government and the front-liner, the people themselves proactively extend their support to the authorities as well as each other during this trial period.

As for the education sector; schools, private tutoring and higher institutions, we are forced to embrace online methods of teaching, drastically.

Yes, it is chaotic. Not only for the teaching team, but also for the parents  and students as well. It is like navigating through  a maze of technology. We, the educators as well as the parents, are suddenly swimming in the sea  called the Internet of Things.  We are now  ‘the Flash’ or ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ or the ‘Road Runner’ (cartoons for the Y generation), trying to learn everything and implement it without further a due. 

But, hey, Malaysian is among the heaviest users of social media. Thus, it should come easy for us to adopt the trending technology. Our ‘bawang’ rangers are among the best in Asia. It may not take too long for everyone to pick up the new learning trend.  Or, is it not??

Nevertheless, another emerging quote from  our  ‘ayah’, the 8th Prime Minister,  ’embracing the new normal’,may become the new behavioural characteristic of the post COVIDian world.

My country, Malaysia,  is indeed a mixture of unique people, colored by their never ending hilarious  and  amusing antics. 

The best dishes to describe us? The ‘ABC’ (air batu campur – ‘ the colourful Slurpee’) or ‘Rojak Asma’ (mixed salad dish with sweet and spicy peanut sauce). I am grateful to be here. Hope you are too.

Good luck my students and my fellow Univ-citizen,  May The Force be with us. 

#IamMalaysian | #IloveUTM

Preparing for Coronavirus 2019 | Baystate Health | Springfield, MA

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