My Goals of Student Learning

A Message of UTM's Purpose and Hope Related to the Official Announcement on  UTM Teaching and Learning Activities for Semester 2, Session 2019/2020  during the COVID 19 Crisis | UTM NewsHub

My teaching goals focus on maximising the students’ learning experience. I believe that learners must be given the freedom to create meaningful knowledge based on their unique experiences and the freedom to blend it with their very own unique tacit knowledge, experience, skills and informal information. By providing them with this freedom, I am hoping that my students will have sufficient knowledge about their inquiry, know how to make wise decisions making and be able to see the connection between matters. My teaching philosophy is modelled by student-centred learning and supported by constructivism and connectivism theories. By embracing this approach, I hope that I am able to encourage mature thinking among my students to formulate a solution, foster creativity, develop positive self-direction, be independent, be self-responsible, ability to view the connection between concepts and ideas and always be ready to be responsive to growth stimuli. I am motivated to guide my students via non-directive teaching strategies and towards increasing self-motivation. I am encouraging my students to explore their curiosity in a wiser manner, become motivated to craft knowledge, be able to explore new ideas, always be up-to-date on information, make their own decision making and also able to embrace technology maturely. I shall reach out to my students, empathises, guide and react to assist the students with their issues. And most of all, I am hopeful that my students will continue to have the ability to remind themselves with wise/spiritual intention, echoing the UTM’s motto ‘ Kerana Tuhan Untuk Manusia’ [ Because of The Almighty for the Mankind] . Thus, I am hoping that my students will finally be able to reach one self-hood and proactively seek continuous improvement to attain better quality lives for selves and others.

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