Success Stories…PhD Graduates

No.YearNameStatusPhD Thesis TitleRoles of supervisor
1.2019Mohamed Ali Moslehifar (Iran)GraduatedDiscursive Construction of Trust on Medical Tourism Related Websites in Southeast AsiaMain Supervisor
2.2019Wan Nur Asyura Wan Adnan (Malaysia)  GraduatedThe Narratives of Breast Cancer Patients on Their Experience of Cancer through BlogsMain Supervisor
3.2018Nur Ain Balqis Haladin (Malaysia)GOT (UTM)Advice and Information Giving among Nurses in HIV Counselling Sessions in Government Hospitals in MalaysiaMain Supervisor
4.2015Muhammad Arfin M. Salim (Indonesia)GOT (MOHE)Discourses of Tourism in the Official Tourism Websites in South East AsiaMain Supervisor
5.2015Hossein Bagheri (Iran)  GraduatedMisunderstandings in Doctor-Patient Interactions among Non-native Speakers of EnglishMain Supervisor