[30 August 2021] The 3rd. Leadership Learning Lab for MCMC Talents has succesfully conducted with Silverlake Group. Silverlake is a company that involve in FinTech not only Malaysia but global. We were very honoured to have Silverlake Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Goh Peng Oii to share his journey as succesfull businessman that listed in Forbes. His life philosophy is truly based on the matemathical model. Apart from Mr Goh, team from Silverlake Group are Tn Hj Othman (CEO Islamic Banking), Mr Steven Khoo and Mr Fahmi.

Mr Goh Peng Ooi, Founder and Executive Chairman of Silverlake Group
Team from Silverlake with Dean of AHIBS
MCMC’s Talents with the expert from both UTM and Silverlake
The Winner of Case Study Challenge, with Mr Ditha as a representative for Group 4