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  • Identification of Rainfall Patterns on Hydrological Simulation Using Robust Principal Component Analysis.  S.M. Shaharudin, N. Ahmad, N.H. Zainuddin, N.S. Mohamed (2018). Indonesian Journal of Electrical and Computer Science. Vol. 11. No.3  |Abstract/Paper |
  • Spatial grouping of homogeneous river flow process in Johor.  Nur Syazwin Mansor, Norhaiza Ahmad (2017). Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences. Special Issue on Some Advances in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (2017) 405-407. issn:2289-5981. |Abstract/Paper |
  • Choice of Cumulative Percentage in Principal Component Analysis for Regionalization of Peninsular Malaysia Based on Rainfall Amount. Shaharudin S.M., Ahmad N. (2017) Modeling, Design and Simulation of Systems. AsiaSim 2017. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 752. pp216-224 (2017), Springer, Singapore;; isbn:978-981-10-6501-9 | Abstract | Scopus |


  • Improved Cluster Partition in Principal Component Analysis Guided Clustering. S M Shaharudin, N Ahmad and F Yusof. International Journal of Computer Applications 75(11): 22-25, (August 2013). Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA. |Abstract|


  • 3-Point Pseudo-Scale Distance Measure for Measuring Indirect Proximity. Norliza Adnan, Norhaiza Ahmad and Maizah Hura Ahmad. Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 7, (2013), no. 25, 1239 – 1247. | Abstract |


  • The Comparison of T-Mode and Pearson Correlation Matrices in Classfication of Daily Rainfall Patterns in Peninsular Malaysia. Shazlyn Milleana Shaharudin, Norhaiza Ahmad, FadhilahYusof and XenQuan Yap. MATEMATIKA. Volume 29, Number 1c (June 2013) – Special Issue. | Abstract |


  • An Improved Pseudo Distance Scale for Measuring One-to-many Relationships in Multidimensional Scaling. Norliza Adnan, Norhaiza Ahmad and Maizah Hura Ahmad. MATEMATIKA Volume 29, Number 1c (June 2013) – Special Issue. | Abstract |


  • On the statistical analysis of the GS-NS0 cell proteome:Imputation, clustering and variability testing, N Ahmad, J Zhang, P J. Brown, D C. James, J R. Birch, A J. Racher, C. M Smales, Biochim Biophys Acta. (2006 Jul) ;1764 (7):1179-87 16807148 2 | Abstract |