Executive Summary

Non-profit organizations are an integral part of local communities, providing a vast array of services, fostering civic participation, and building social cohesion. They also are an economic force, providing jobs, buying and selling commodities and services. In Malaysia however, although mushrooming, their existence is still less known by community at large.

Thus, there is a need to introduce them to Malaysian community in a bigger scale.  This will ultimately have an impact on the people whom the non-profit organizations are helping and benefitting at the end.  At the same time, as government are short-handed, non-profits are being called upon to do more to address community in dakwah, education, life betterment and motivational activities.


In Ramadhan 2012, a helping hand was initiated by a group of UTM lectures’ families and friends who saw the need to help the less fortunate in any way they deemed appropriate at the time.  Few initiatives performed were collecting cash from families and friends and used items such as clothes, bags and shoes to be donated to orphanage houses, poor single mother and the Orang Asli community.

As time passed, in 2013, there were increasing demands for cash money to support more categories of unfortunate people.  Thus, the idea of selling products such as cakes and fruits surfaced, with profits going into the fund.  At the same time, items collected from families and friends were sold to raise as much funds as possible.

We realized then, that a formal organization was needed in order to apply funds from government bodies such as JAIS, PKNS and Baitulmal. Hence, the birth of PKAS through registration online, the eROSES was made possible.  Students of Ustadz Abdul Muein Bin Abdul Rahman from UTM and Surau AnNajah were among the early members.

We encourage more family and friends to join us as active members, in order to realize PKAS’ objectives for the ummah as a whole.


  •  AnNajah Community (PKAS) shall be the platform for dakwah to all communities in need, especially to the urban poor through activities in education, community, donations and assistance.
  •  PKAS to assist the urban poor, especially single mothers, orphanages and new Muslims to gain income through participation in business to enhance their economy.
  •  To gain Allah’s mercy and love through performing good deeds.


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