Supervision : Year 2012 – Present


Student NameResearch Working TitleArea of ResearchStatus
WAN FAEZAH ABBASEnterprise Architecture for Digital Transformation Adaptation in Higher Education InstitutionInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsOn -going(Co)
WAN MIMI HIRDAWATI WAN AFFANDIFactors Influencing Adult Users Satisfaction on Quranic ApplicationInformation SystemsOn-going(Main)
AKEEM SULAIMAN KURANGACritical Success Factors for Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Post Implementation in A Public Sector OrganizationInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsOn-going(Co)
FARHANA AINI BT SALUDINWeb Design Features for Chronic Disease PatientsInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsOn-going(Main)
PUSPADEVI A/P KUPPUSAMYInformation Security Policy Compliance Behaviour Model For Malaysian Public SectorInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsPassed PhD Viva Voce )Co)
ALTALHI MARYAM MUTI AA Study of Social Co-Creation Acceptance Among Females in Saudi ArabiaInformation Systems/ Social InformaticsCompleted(Main)
SURYA SUMARNI HUSSEINEnterprise Architecture Readiness Assessment Model for a Successful EA Establishment in MalaysiaInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted(Co)
KHAN SOHRABFactors Influencing Citizens Trust to Participate in Government Social MediaInformation Systems/ Social InformaticsCompleted(Co)
NOOR HAFIZAH HASSANFactors Influencing Information Security Culture Among Healthcare ProfessionalInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsCompleted(Co)


Student NameResearch Working TitleArea of ResearchStatus
NUR HASNIZA ILLIASSuccess Model of Social Media Use for Flood Disaster Preparedness in Klang ValleyInformation SystemsOn -going (Main)


Student NameResearch Working TitleArea of ResearchStatus
MARHA SIDIKSuccess Model of Digital Government in Malaysia EnvironmentInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
NORJANAH SULAIMAN  (Best Student)Internet of Things Readiness Amongst Malaysian Public OrganizationInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
NUR NAZIRA MUSTAKENGFactors Influencing Social Media Usage Towards Flood Disaster ManagementInformation Systems/ Business IntelligenceCompleted
SITI NORHIDAYAH MOHAMADSuccess Model of Business Intelligence Implementation in Higher Education: A Feasibility StudyInformation Systems/ Business IntelligenceCompleted
NURHAZIRAH ABDANNational Kidney Foundation (NKF) Malaysia Website Success ModelInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsCompleted
ASLINA MAT ASLIJuvenile Profiles Among Malaysian and Sexual Habit Pattern Detection Using Machine Learning AlgorithmBusiness IntelligenceCompleted
FATHI IBRAHIM SALIH YAGOUBE-Government Adoption Model for Citizens in SudanInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
MUHAMMAD FARHAN BIN SHAHROMDetermining Factors Affecting Defence Against Social EngineeringInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
RINI YUDESIA BINTI NASWIRUsability Conceptual Model of Digital Government in MalaysiaInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
WAN MIMI HIRDAWATI WAN AFFANDISuccess Model of Research Information Management System in Research UniversityInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
SITI RINIY FARIZA BINTI MOHD BORHAM (Best Student)The Acceptance of Internet of Things (IoT) Considering Security Perspective in Malaysian GovernmentInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
HASLINDA BINTI MAT AKHIR (Best Student)Success Model for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Implementation Considering Human and Security Perspective in Malaysia Government EnvironmentInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
HONG KIM HENG (Best Student)A Conceptual Model of Factors Affecting Trust of Software as a Service Usage in Public NetworkInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
REDHWAN AL-AMRIFactors Influencing NFC Mobile Wallet Proximity PaymentInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
DERICK NG CHI HORNGFactors Affecting Web Accessibility Implementation in Journalism CompaniesInformation Systems/ InformaticsCompleted
LUQMAN HAKIM IBRAHIMInformation Security Governance Framework for Intelligence DepartmentInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
SHEHAB AL BADRISecure Model for Online Shopping Among Millennial   in YemenInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
KAVITHA THAMADHARAN (Anugerah Naib Canselor)Feasibility of E-Assessment Among Lecturers Considering Security PerspectiveInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
NURBAINI ZAINUDDINFeasibility Study of Cloud Computing Adoption in Private HospitalInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsCompleted
HASIMAH RAZAKSecurity Features of TeleconsultationInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsCompleted
MEHRAN JANFESHANVulnerability Detection Assessment in Large OrganizationInformation SecurityCompleted
ABDUL QADER SHEIKH AIDARUSInformation Security Awareness Model for Employees in BankInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
MD ATHAR IMTIAZ          (Best Student)Feasibility Study of Lecturers’ Acceptance of E- AssessmentInformation Systems/ Education InformaticsCompleted
NURBAYA MOHD ROSLIA Study of Acceptance of FROG VLE in Vocational CollegeInformation Systems/ Education InformaticsCompleted
ERFAN AYAZIUnderstanding Enterprise Resources Planning Implementation Success Factors in Steel Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study in IranInformation Systems/ Enterprise InformaticsCompleted
MALAHAT POURANSAFARUnderstanding the Information Security Vulnerability in Electrical Industry: A Case Study in IranInformation Systems/ Enterprise InformaticsCompleted
NURADILAH IBRAHIMFactors Affecting the Acceptance of Mobile Application Among Millennials in MalaysiaInformation Systems/ Social InformaticsCompleted
HATAMULLAH MOHD ARIFWeb Accessibility Features for Partially Blind UsersInformation Systems/ InformaticsCompleted
NOORJAN MOHD MUSTAPHASuccess Factors of Information Security Management System Plan Phase Self ImplementationInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
TAMIL CHELVI VADIVELUSecurity Features for Remote Healthcare System in Government HospitalInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsCompleted