Supervision : Year 2012 – Present


Student NameResearch Working TitleArea of ResearchStatus
WAN FAEZAH ABBASEnterprise Architecture for Digital Transformation Adaptation in Higher Education InstitutionInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsOn -going(Co)
WAN MIMI HIRDAWATI WAN AFFANDIFactors Influencing Adult Users Satisfaction on Quranic ApplicationInformation SystemsOn-going(Main)
AKEEM SULAIMAN KURANGACritical Success Factors for Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Post Implementation in A Public Sector OrganizationInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsOn-going(Co)
FARHANA AINI BT SALUDINWeb Design Features for Chronic Disease PatientsInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsOn-going(Main)
PUSPADEVI A/P KUPPUSAMYInformation Security Policy Compliance Behaviour Model For Malaysian Public SectorInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted (Co)
ALTALHI MARYAM MUTI AA Study of Social Co-Creation Acceptance Among Females in Saudi ArabiaInformation Systems/ Social InformaticsCompleted(Main)
SURYA SUMARNI HUSSEINEnterprise Architecture Readiness Assessment Model for a Successful EA Establishment in MalaysiaInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted(Co)
KHAN SOHRABFactors Influencing Citizens Trust to Participate in Government Social MediaInformation Systems/ Social InformaticsCompleted(Co)
NOOR HAFIZAH HASSANFactors Influencing Information Security Culture Among Healthcare ProfessionalInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsCompleted(Co)


Student NameResearch Working TitleArea of ResearchStatus
NUR HASNIZA ILLIASSuccess Model of Social Media Use for Flood Disaster Preparedness in Klang ValleyInformation SystemsCompleted (Main)


Student NameResearch Working TitleArea of ResearchStatus
ALMABROUK ALHAMLI GUMA KHALLEEFAHA Satisfaction Model Of Interactive Digital Whiteboard Considering Usability FactorsInformation Systems/ Education InformaticsCompleted
ABDUL HALID RAMLIInformation System Security Risk Assessment Checklist for Managing Facilities in The Transportation IndustryInformation SecurityCompleted
AHMAD FARID BIN ABDOL GHANIModeling Of The Business Requirement Architecture Of An Integrated Pharmacy Hospital Information SystemInformation Systems/ Healthcare InformaticsCompleted
NURUL SAKINA BINTI SHAHARUDINDigital Community Dashboard For Pandemic Outbreak Management Using Visual AnalyticsInformation Systems/ Business IntelligenceCompleted
NUR SAKINAH BINTI MD SANIMetamorphic Virus Detection Using Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency (TF- IDF)Information SecurityCompleted
MARHA SIDIKSuccess Model of Digital Government in Malaysia EnvironmentInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
NORJANAH SULAIMAN  (Best Student)Internet of Things Readiness Amongst Malaysian Public OrganizationInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
NUR NAZIRA MUSTAKENGFactors Influencing Social Media Usage Towards Flood Disaster ManagementInformation Systems/ Business IntelligenceCompleted
SITI NORHIDAYAH MOHAMADSuccess Model of Business Intelligence Implementation in Higher Education: A Feasibility StudyInformation Systems/ Business IntelligenceCompleted
NURHAZIRAH ABDANNational Kidney Foundation (NKF) Malaysia Website Success ModelInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsCompleted
ASLINA MAT ASLIJuvenile Profiles Among Malaysian and Sexual Habit Pattern Detection Using Machine Learning AlgorithmBusiness IntelligenceCompleted
FATHI IBRAHIM SALIH YAGOUBE-Government Adoption Model for Citizens in SudanInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
MUHAMMAD FARHAN BIN SHAHROMDetermining Factors Affecting Defence Against Social EngineeringInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
RINI YUDESIA BINTI NASWIRUsability Conceptual Model of Digital Government in MalaysiaInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
WAN MIMI HIRDAWATI WAN AFFANDISuccess Model of Research Information Management System in Research UniversityInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
SITI RINIY FARIZA BINTI MOHD BORHAM (Best Student)The Acceptance of Internet of Things (IoT) Considering Security Perspective in Malaysian GovernmentInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
HASLINDA BINTI MAT AKHIR (Best Student)Success Model for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Implementation Considering Human and Security Perspective in Malaysia Government EnvironmentInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
HONG KIM HENG (Best Student)A Conceptual Model of Factors Affecting Trust of Software as a Service Usage in Public NetworkInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
REDHWAN AL-AMRIFactors Influencing NFC Mobile Wallet Proximity PaymentInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
DERICK NG CHI HORNGFactors Affecting Web Accessibility Implementation in Journalism CompaniesInformation Systems/ InformaticsCompleted
LUQMAN HAKIM IBRAHIMInformation Security Governance Framework for Intelligence DepartmentInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
FUADY RASHID OMARE-Commerce adoption in ZanzibarInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
SHEHAB AL BADRISecure Model for Online Shopping Among Millennial   in YemenInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
KAVITHA THAMADHARAN (Anugerah Naib Canselor)Feasibility of E-Assessment Among Lecturers Considering Security PerspectiveInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
NURBAINI ZAINUDDINFeasibility Study of Cloud Computing Adoption in Private HospitalInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsCompleted
HASIMAH RAZAKSecurity Features of TeleconsultationInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsCompleted
MEHRAN JANFESHANVulnerability Detection Assessment in Large OrganizationInformation SecurityCompleted
ABDUL QADER SHEIKH AIDARUSInformation Security Awareness Model for Employees in BankInformation Systems/ Information SecurityCompleted
MD ATHAR IMTIAZ          (Best Student)Feasibility Study of Lecturers’ Acceptance of E- AssessmentInformation Systems/ Education InformaticsCompleted
NURBAYA MOHD ROSLIA Study of Acceptance of FROG VLE in Vocational CollegeInformation Systems/ Education InformaticsCompleted
ERFAN AYAZIUnderstanding Enterprise Resources Planning Implementation Success Factors in Steel Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study in IranInformation Systems/ Enterprise InformaticsCompleted
MALAHAT POURANSAFARUnderstanding the Information Security Vulnerability in Electrical Industry: A Case Study in IranInformation Systems/ Enterprise InformaticsCompleted
NURADILAH IBRAHIMFactors Affecting the Acceptance of Mobile Application Among Millennials in MalaysiaInformation Systems/ Social InformaticsCompleted
HATAMULLAH MOHD ARIFWeb Accessibility Features for Partially Blind UsersInformation Systems/ InformaticsCompleted
NOORJAN MOHD MUSTAPHASuccess Factors of Information Security Management System Plan Phase Self ImplementationInformation Systems/ Governance InformaticsCompleted
TAMIL CHELVI VADIVELUSecurity Features for Remote Healthcare System in Government HospitalInformation Systems/ Health InformaticsCompleted