Internal Examiner

Badiru Yunusa Yusuf (PhD – 2017)
Title : Strategies for the integration of Building Information Modelling to Higher Education in Malaysia

Felicia Yong Yan Yan (PhD – 2017)
Title : Profiling of Construction Disputes

Yong Kum Weng (PhD – 2016)
Title : Propensity of Architects to Commit Fraudulent Certification in Malaysian Housing Development Projects

Xu Fei (Masters – 2015)
Title : The Professional Ethics Of Construction Project Manager In China

Norazam Othman (PhD- 2014)
Title : Framework of Process For Variation Works To Analyse Impacts    Caused By Factors Influencing Decision

External Examiner

Ahmad Tarmymy (PhD(USM)- 2021)
Title : Faktor-Faktor Penghalang Pembinaan Rumah Mampu Milik Oleh Pemaju

Farah Ain Zainuddin (MSc(UPM)-2020)
Title : Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as the feasible resolution for construction disputes : The perspective of CIDB G7 Contractors

Alaa J. Kadi (PhD (USM) – 2018)
Title : Digital Innovation Barriers Effect On Innovation Orientation in Syrian Construction Firms

Abdullahi Nafiu Zadawa (PhD(USM) – 2017)
Title : Mediation Model for the determination of non-compliance with public procurement guideline and cost performance of construction projects

Zulzakiyudin Ahmad Rasyid (PhD (UiTM) – 2011)
Title : Malaysian Legal Provisions And Design Risks in Construction Works