Master students

MSc( Construction Contract Management) Supervision (Completed)

  1. Nadia Syahirah binti Mat Pisol (2019)
    Sectional Completion: Common Issues in the event of delay and damages
  2. Shaun Kok Zhen Xiong (2019)
    Salient Elements To Be Incorporated Into BIM Standard Contract Pertaining to Variation Provisions
  3. Chin Yong Ling (2019)
    Waiver of Employer’s Termination Right by Doctrine of Election
  4. Kalpana Kumar (2021)
    Pure economic loss claims for construction defects in Malaysia and Singapore
  5. Lee Cen Ying
    Principles of Implied Terms in Construction Contracts
  6. Norhafizah binti Yusop
    Challenging the Arbitral Awards (Certiorari)
  7. Thoy Yee Hua
    Application of Adjudication in Malaysia
  8. Wong Bi Xia
    Measure of damages for defective building works
  9. Yap Chiaw Guan
    Contractor’s Right to Claim For Extra Works
  10. Mas Hafizah bt Jamil
    Ubberimae Fidei in Construction Insurance
  11. Lina Nazihah binti Abdul Rashid
    The Admissibilty Rules of the Expert Evidence Given By the Expert Witness
  12. Nazirah Abdul Rahim
    Public Works Procurement: The European Experience
  13. Nani Ernie binti Othman
    Case Study: Observation Sky Tower in Melaka
  14. W.Mohd Hanif b. W. Mohd Shaupil
    Remoteness of damage in breach of contract
  15. Irwan bin Mohamed Shariff
    Restitutionary Quantum Meruit
  16. Hafiz bin Saad
    Revising Contract Sum : The Employer’s Right to Set off
  17. Kathleen binti Sanis
    Force Majeure in Extension of Time
  18. Hadzira binti Mohd Noor
    Consolidation of Arbitral Proceedings
  19. Then Lee Lian
    Equitable Remedy : Specific Performance
  20. Mohd Asrul b. Nasid
    Nature of delay in Nominated Subcontracting
  21. Anarulakmal binti Ismail
    The Profile of Cases on Injuction to Performance Bond
  22. Nur Shidah binti Maidin
    The Application of Selva’s and Sakina’s cases in the context of LAD to the Malaysian Construction Industry
  23. Mohamad Safuan bin Mohd Nazam
    The irrelevancy of claim for set-off in the existence of provisions in standard froms of contract
  24. Ting Hie Ching
    Conflict of laws in Arbitration
  25. Nurhidayah binti Kamaludin
    Architect’s Liability in making decision during construction stage
  26. Gunalan a/l Krishnan
    An investigation on the awareness of the construction industry practitioners in Malaysia on partnering procurement method as a dispute avoidance mechanism.
  27. Chang Siaw Hui
    Formalisation of partnering as a collaborative procurement method
  28. Chong Oi Siang
    Wrongful termination of contract in construction industry
  29. Than Yoon Fah
    Judicial Interpretation of the High Court in the Application of the Security for costs
  30. Dewi Rozamurtina
    Negotiation for disputes settlement in construction claim (A case study on Air Likatan Irrigation Sub-Project Stage 1 – Indonesia)
  31. Nurshafeeqah binti Mohd Zin
    Comparison of Collateral Warranty and Indemnity in Construction Contract
  32. ‘Adila binti Zakaria
    Transformation of delivering system : Comparative study between Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) to Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC)
  33. Noor Akmaleena bt Mohd Daud
    Profiling of dispute resolution mechanism in ASEAN countries
  34. Nurulain binti Tazol Arief
    Employer’s Implied Obligation in Construction Contract
  35. Joanna Tay Yuan Ju
    The Arbitrable Disputes in Malaysian Construction Industry
  36. Farah Azwanee binti Aminuddin
    Seat of Arbitration
  37. Intan Safina Bt Sanusi
    Termination Procedures Of Projects By The Public Works Department (PWD)
  38. Chairul Salam
    The Implementation Of Dispute Review Board (Drb) As An Alternative Dispute Resolution In Indonesian Construction Industry
  39. Hermawan Cahyo Nugroho
    An Investigation On The Application Of Termination Clause In Standard Form Of Construction Contract In Indonesia
  40. Muhammad Iqbal Perkasa
    The Potential Of Design And Build Procurement Method In The Directorate Of Environmental Sanitation Development In Indonesia
  41. Rozana Binti Mohamed Salleh
    Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Design and Build Procurement in Building Construction Projects
  42. Wong Ing Sing
    Proof of Documentation in Claiming Extension of Time
  43. Izzah Zahin Binti Aliman
    Doctrine of Separability
  44. Mohamad Zahierruden Ismail
    Rights of contractors on recovery of payment after termination of contract under CIPAA 2012
  45. Kerk Chia Cun
    Contemporaneous Records in Construction Claim
  46. Siti Fasihah binti Abdul Aziz
    The Existence of An Oral Contract
  47. Rabiatul Hidayah binti Mokhtar
    Judicial Interpretation of Consequential Loss in Construction Contract
  48. Shahida Shaima Binti Shamsudin
    Probable success of direct payment clause of 30A.0 of the AIAC Standard Form of Contract (With Quantities)
  49. Atiqah binti Faizal
    Construction players’ perception towards collaborative arrangement in BIM-enabled projects

Master by Research (Ongoing)

  1. Hanis Nazurah bt Abu Hassan
    Architect’s Risk in Design and Build Procurement