Title: International UTMbridge 2017 Competition

Date: 27-29 March 2017


Award: Overall winner (7th place)


This group very unique. The advisor is Dr Azman Bin Mohamed. However, I am being as co-advisor this group. Actually, at the beginning, this group was not listed to the competition, However, at last minutes of announcement which made by the competition’s secretariat, this group has been selected to be joined. I acknowledge to the advisor and the group member. The students feel demotivated at the beginning stage because most of the rest group have been start to prepare the stuffs for the bridge model.  I give full support to this team, bring the idea, give moral and financial support and the speed up the running for the competition. During the result announcement, they was very shocked when this group awarded as Overall winner (7th pace) from out of 80 ++ group (institution category) which they received about RM400 for this category.  The girl give me hugs and kisses. : )  Alhamdulillah. Everything went sweet memorable.