Research Area/Interest

Her research interest focuses on advanced concrete technology (green concrete technology and fiber reinforced concrete,), any civil engineering materials, polymer composites, composites and bio-composites. Her biggest interest is to turn potential waste into civil engineering materials. Microstructural analysis under spectroscopy testing is part of her expertise and interest. She always involves her current research on materials with element of microstructural analysis with combination of material science and this is one of the strategies to get her article published.


She very interested to give a talk “HOW TO WRITE THESIS FAST” by using AUTO GENERATE THESIS WRITING TECHNIQUE with MENTOR MENTEE APPROACH. She very proactive conducting this workshop and currently, more than 10 workshops have been conducted  for UTM students at UTM Johor Bahru and UTM Kuala Lumpur. The participation of participants were from different field, faculty and universities.

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Attached herewith the slide presentation prepared for the one of the mentor-mentee session, please click the link below: