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Research Group : Waste Technology and Carbonation Research

Group Leader     : Professor Dr. Tung-Chai Ling


About the Professor Dr. Tung-Chai Ling:

Chai-LING tung  (Bill), Ph.D., Professor of IS A Sustainable Recycling Waste Materials in Construction and AT Hunan University International preference Experience has Accumulated EXTENSIVE. Of He lived and has a worked ON Three Continents,  Asia (Malaysia, Hong Kong  China, Mainland China ), Europe (UK) and North America (USA).  For the past few years, he has successfully secured more than RMB10 million (~ USD1.5M) for research projects and published in 63 peer-reviewed journal papers with current ISI H-index of 23 . His research has focused primarily on the development of sustainable and environmentally-friendly concrete products 

Through innovative materials science and CO2  technology. He is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Concrete Institute, member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Zhejiang University-Science A (SCI Journal), and serves as a reviewer for a number of leading international Journals. He is also an active Member of RILEM TC 258-AAA, RILEM TC WRM, RILEM TC CCC, ACI-555, ACI-China Chapter, American Ceramic Society-Cement Division and the Chinese Ceramic Society-Solid Waste Division.

Research Interest:

  • Mineral Carbonation Technology (MCT)
  • Carbonating Granulated Wastes (CGW)
  • Calcined Kaolinite Waste Materials (CKW)
  • Value-added Waste Materials (VWM)
  • Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)


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