Workshop/Conference Postdoctoral

Event: First International Workshop on Cement Clinkers

Venue: Wuhan, China

Date: 14 May 2019

Organizer: Wuhan University of Technology and Hubei Ceramic Society


The objective of this workshop is to bring together a group of specialists to gather experience and to identify research areas which would lead to progress in predictability of clinker performance.

With Prof Karen Scrivener, Professor at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

About Prof. Karen Scrivener:

She is Head of Laboratory of Construction Materials at EPFL and she was appointed as the Strategic Scientist of Wuhan University of Technology in 2018. She is also the founder and coordinator of Nanocem, a Network of Industry and Academia for Fundamental Research on Cementitious Materials. She is currently is an Editor in Chief of Cement and Concrete Research (CCR), the leading academic journal in the field. Her major research interest are cement hydration, microstructural characterization and alternative binder.

Another invited speakers:

  1. Remi Barbarulo (R& D and Innovation Manager at LafargeHolcim)
  2. Xin Cheng (Professor at University of Jinan)
  3. Emmuael Gallucci (Principal Scientist at Sika Technology AG; Head of Research on Construction Materials)
  4. Duncan Herfort (Chief Scientist at Cementir Holding S.p.A
  5. Marios Katsiotis (Group Research & Innovation Manager at Group Engineering & Technology, TITAN Cement, S.A.
  6. Thomas Matschei (Professor at Department of Civil ENgineering, HTW Dresden)
  7. Xiaodong Shen (Professor at Nanjing Tech University)


Event: 73rd RILEMWEEK 2019 (Pre-conference RILEM Doctoral Courses & International Conference on Innovative Materials for Sustainable Civil Engineering)

Venue: Nanjing, China

Date: 21-29 August 2019


  • Southeast University
  • Sobute New Materials Co., Ltd
  • State Key Laboratory of High Performance Civil Engineering Materials
  • Collaborative Innovation Center for Advanced Engineering Materials
  • Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Construction Materials

Topics covers during Pre-conference RILEM Doctoral Courses

  1. Workability and Admixtures
  2. Hydration and Microstructure
  3. Shrinkage, Expansion and cracking
  4. Durability
  5. Modelling and Simulation
  6. Supplementary Cementitious Materials (One day courses, specially for industry, on 25th August)

Topics covers during International Conference on Innovative Materials for Sustainable Civil Engineering

  1. Fresh concrete and chemical admixtures
  2. Hydration and microstructure characterization
  3. Sustainable cementitious materials
  4. Deformation and crack controlling
  5. Durability and service life prediction
  6. Ultra-high performance cementitious materials